PC Material Plastic Part





Withstand high impacts without breaking or shattering, high dimensional stability.


Susceptibility to scratching and abrasion

Common Application

Safety goggles, bulletproof windows, water bottles, electronic components, and automotive parts.

Properties at a Glance

*Pease note: The following material properties are for reference only. Actual values may vary depending on the selected material brand.
Property Metric English
Density 1.15-1.2 g/cm³ 71.80-74.73 lb/ft³
Shore Hardness D 90-95 90-95
Transparency 88-89% 88-89%
Max Temp. Air 100~140 °C 212~284 °F
Flammabilitiy, UL94 HB HB
Elongation at Break 50-120% 50-120%

Chemical Properties

  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis.
  • Good resistance to acids and bases.
  • Moderate resistance to organic solvents.
Injection Molding

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Yes, PC material is generally considered safe for use in various applications. However, like any material, PC may release small amounts of bisphenol A (BPA) under certain conditions, which has raised some concerns about its safety. To address this, manufacturers often produce BPA-free PC products or use alternative materials for specific applications where BPA exposure is a concern.
Yes, PC material is recyclable, but the recycling process can be more challenging compared to other plastics due to its high melting point and complex chemical composition.
The general tolerance for PC injection molding parts typically ranges from +/- 0.05 mm to +/- 0.1 mm, depending on factors such as part geometry, size, and specific requirements of the application.