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Custom TPE Parts

Zhongde as a reputable on-demand manufacturer offers molded custom TPE parts with a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes to meet customers’ requirements. Upload drawings right now to get a manual quotation within 24 hours.

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Custom TPE Product Show

The following are some of the custom TPE parts we have made. They are only for displaying our product’s range and shape.


Sealing Ring

The common shapes of TPE seals are round, square, and can also be customized according to customer needs. Mainly used in household appliances, automobiles, machinery and equipment, transportation and other industries.


Pulley Wheels

Pulleys are generally divided into grooved wheels, smooth wheels, and grooved wheels are divided into U-row grooved wheels and V-shaped grooved wheels. These pulleys are widely used in doors and windows, office chairs, cribs, furniture, strollers and so on.


TPE Feet

TPE foot pads are generally formed by TPE-coated metal, which are mainly used in the automobile industry and the home furnishing industry for shock absorption.


Universal Wheel

Universal wheels made of TPE material are generally covered on metal, which can play a very good shock absorption effect. They are mainly used on pallets, trolley boxes, carts, flatbeds, office chairs, cribs, strollers, and heavy-duty trailers, industrial equipment, etc.

Sealing Strips

TPE sealing tape is mainly used in the sealing of doors and windows of cars and homes, which can play a role in sealing, sound insulation, cold protection, and moisture resistance, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free



The bush is a kind of ring sleeve that functions as a gasket, which is convenient to process, low in replacement cost, and easy to replace. The common ones are flange bushings, straight bushings, square bushings, threaded bushings, bored bushings, open bushings and irregular bushings.

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