Mold and Tooling Production

Zhongde Mold and Tooling Production Capacity

Zhongde offers custom injection mold design and tooling production services for your project requirements. Our skilled team collaborates with customers and develops precise plastic injection mold designs. We have the ability to provide various mold types and deliver top-notch rapid tooling services to address the customer's diverse needs. Below are the various mold types for different projects.

Custom Injection Molds' Cavities Numbers

Custom Injection Molds for Difference Processes

Custom Injection Mold & Tooling Production

Zhongde specializes in custom injection molds making based on your specific requirements. Using advanced modeling software, we conduct thorough mold flow analysis to ensure precise and efficient injection mold designs and mold tooling production. Here is our mold and tooling production service process.

Custom Mold Tooling Materials

The injection mold's material selection is important to mold quality and lifespan. Suitable mold will also lower custom parts costs. What material should be used for your mold? Zhongde has a wide range of custom mold materials choices, and our experienced team will offer professional advice based on your projects and product development stages.

Here is a comparison between the materials from cost, lead time, and production volume.

Mold Material Description Cost Production Colume Lead Time
Steel The most popular material for mold making. It is include tool steel (such as P20, H13) and stainless steel (such as 420 and 316). High High Moderate
Aluminum Less expensive and have a shorter mold lifespan. Aluminum molds are suitable for rapid protyping and low-volume production. Moderate Moderate Short
Coper Alloy Cooper alloys mold are offen used for that require high heat transfer. Moderate Moderate Moderate
Silicone Silicone molds are commonly used for casting flexible or intricate parts. The silicone molds are easy part release. Low Low Short

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FAQs of Custom Molding Tooling Production

Generally, mold production can range from a few weeks to a few months. That is depending on the complexity and size of the mold, and the specific requirements of the project.
Yes, existing molds can be modified or repaired. But the feasibility and details of modifications or repairs would be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The number of parts that can be produced from a single mold depends on the mold material, the part design, and the maintenance and care of the mold. With proper maintenance and care, molds can typically produce thousands to hundreds of thousands of parts.

Yes, as an on-demand manufacturer, we can provide samples or prototypes to evaluate the mold design and functionality. And you make any necessary adjustments before mass production.

The total cost of mold production can vary depending on factors such as mold design, size, material, and any additional services or features required. To provide an accurate cost estimate, we would need specific details about the project requirements and design specifications.

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