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Zhongde, being professional custom China precision CNC milling parts and China CNC turning parts company in China, has introduced more than 100 sets of advanced CNC machining equipment, which can efficiently complete the production of a large number of China CNC machined plastic parts and China CNC metal parts, providing precision CNC machined components by our Chinese factory.

At the same time, it can ensure that all custom China CNC machined parts produced are of high precision and high quality, and can be customized according to customer needs. The precision machined parts we produce are mainly divided into two categories: custom CNC plastic machined parts and China machined metal parts. Please continue browsing to find products that match your needs.

China Custom Machining Parts Types

China Custom CNC Machining Parts Specifications

Name Description
Maximum Size 1500x1500x1000mm
Color White, Black, Transparent, or according to Pantone No.
Tolerance ±0.05mm
Surface Finishing Glossy, Semi-gloss, Matte, Textured finish, As-machined
Addictives UV absorbers, Flame retardants, Plasticizers, Colorants, Carbon fibers, Glass fibers
Logo Debossed, Embossed, Printing
Drawing Format 2D Drawing: PDF/JPG/PNG. 3D Drawing: STEP/STP/IGS/DXF/DWG

Why Choose Zhongde as Custom CNC Machining Parts Supplier

CNC Machining Parts Manufacturing Process

Available Material of China Custom CNC Machining Parts

For both our custom CNCmilling and turning service, you can send us samples or 2D / 3D drawings, and we will produce them accordingly.
Zhongde, a professional CNC machining supplier, has highly accurate machines which are able to produce parts to an accuracy of ±0.002mm.
Compared with injection molding, CNC machining has a shorter period and higher production accuracy. However, the unit price of the product is higher.

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