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On-demand Manufacturing of
Automotive Molded Parts

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The automotive industry is evolving fast, constantly designing and developing new models, always in need of/needing customized auto molding parts. These automotive molding parts can be as small as screws to fix body panels or as large as body panels.

As an automotive injection molding company, Zhongde could provide OEM automotive parts in all ranges of plastic, rubber, and metal. Our automotive plastic molding and automotive rubber injection molding capability includes a light shell, door handle, plastic knob, connector seals, connector housing, vibration damping, etc.

Design of Water Carrying Hole and Supporting Head of Automotive Mold
Analysis of Manufacturing Process of Auto Mold Body Parts

Common Automotive Applications

Our on-demand manufacturing capabilities play a crucial role in various applications within the automotive industry. Some specific applications include:

  • Interior Components
  • Exterior Parts
  • Lighting Components
  • Air Intake Systems
  • Engine Components
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • Fluid Reservoirs
  • HVAC Components
  • Safety Components

Automotive Manufacturing Capabilities

In the automotive industry, by leveraging these automotive manufacturing capabilities, suppliers like Zhongde can provide comprehensive solutions for automotive manufacturers, catering to their specific requirements, quality standards, and production volumes. Here are some key services commonly used in the automotive industry.

injection molding

Zhongde has developed a one-stop solution from mold designing and rapid prototyping to mass production. We improve the accuracy of products and meet the customized requirements of complex-shaped parts.

compression molding

We utilize high-strength, high-precision, and high-temperature-resistant metal molds to guarantee the quality of molded products.  Using the compression molding process, we can guarantee high-efficiency production, and ensure accurate products, and smooth surfaces.

cnc machining 680x450

Get custom CNC machining prototypes and production parts with high quality. We provide expert engineering reviews. Dozens of materials and finishes are available.

cast molding

We produce low-volume and highly accurate production by cast molding. Strictly follow the confirmed drawings or samples to produce. If any deviation, we will replenish our customers to make up for the loss.

Gallery of Automotive Parts

Automated Rubber Injection Molding for Automobile Company

David Wallace was in great demand for rubber parts when he found us. And the rubber parts are used for the car airconditioner system, which means the material should be both heat resistant and cold resistant and should not be out of shape while temperature changes. Our engineer comes up with a custom solution to solve David’s problem.


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