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Automotive Molded Parts

The automotive industry is evolving fast, constantly designing and developing new models, always in need of/needing customized auto molding parts. These automotive molding parts can be as small as screws to fix body panels or as large as body panels.

As an automotive injection molding company, Zhongde could provide OEM automotive parts in all ranges of plastic, rubber, and metal. Our automotive plastic molding and automotive rubber injection molding capability includes a light shell, door handle, plastic knob, connector seals, connector housing, vibration damping, etc.

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Automotive Molding Parts Manufacturing Capabilities

In the automotive industry, by leveraging these automotive manufacturing capabilities, suppliers like Zhongde can provide comprehensive solutions for automotive manufacturers, catering to their specific requirements, quality standards, and production volumes. Here are some key services commonly used in the automotive industry.

Gallery of Automotive Mould Parts

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