CNC Turning

Size of CNC Turning Machined Parts

The below table shows the regular size of the custom CNC milling machined parts. If you need a unique size product design, Zhongde, as a professional China precision CNC machining manufacturer, will help you achieve it at a competitive price.

Size Metric Inch
Length 2500 98.4
Width 2000 78.7
Height 1500 59

Available Material of CNC Turning

Choosing the exact materials is an important step in the manufacturing of your CNC machining projects. At Zhongde, a professional on-demand manufacturer, we offer a wide range of CNC machining materials to meet diverse project requirements. Our materials selection includes high-quality metals and various plastics. With our extensive material expertise and focus on quality, we ensure that your CNC-machined parts are manufactured to the highest standards and meet your specific needs.

CNC Metals

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Stainless Steel

  • Brass

  • Carbon Steel

  • Steel Alloy

CNC Plastics

  • ABS

  • Nylon 6

  • PVC

  • HDPE

  • PC | Polycarbonate

  • PP | Polypropylene

  • POM | Delrin

  • LDPE


  • PTFE

CNC Milling Surface Finishing

CNC turning parts surface finish is critical to a successful part design and it is used for aesthetic and functional reasons in injection molded parts for engineering products. The surface finish improves the look and the feel of a product as the perceived value and quality of the product increase with a suitable surface finish.
Finishing Description Material Compatibility Color Link
as machined surface finishing As Machined For as machined all sharp edges are removed and parts are deburred. Tool marks are visible. All plastics and metals Uniform of raw material color Learn More
smoothing surface finishing Smoothing A finishing CNC machining operation can be applied to the part to reduce its surface roughness. Machine marks are less evident but still visible. All plastics and metals Uniform matte of raw material color Learn More
bead blasting surface finishing Bead Blasting Bead blasting adds a uniform matte or satin surface finish on a machined part, removing the tool marks. All metals Uniform matte of raw material color Learn More
powder coating surface finishing Powder Coating Powder coating compatible with all metal materials and can be combined with a bead blasting to create parts with smooth and uniform surfaces and excellent corrosion resistance. All metals Black or any RAL or Pantone code Learn More
black oxid surface finishing Black Oxide Black oxide is a conversion coating used to improve corrosion resistance and minimize light reflection. Stainless steel and copper alloys Black Learn More
electropolishing surface finishing Electropolishing An electrochemical process used to polish, passivate and deburr metal parts. It is useful to reduce surface roughness. All metals Natural metal color Learn More

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