Material Selection

Manufacturing Material Types

Zhongde as an on-demand manufacturer offers a wide range of manufacturing materials to meet your specific needs, such as different types of plastics, rubbers, and metals. Those manufacturing materials are used for injection molding, compression molding, and CNC machining processes. The comprehensive material selection provides endless possibilities for on-demand manufacturing.

Molding Material Additives

To enhance material performance and meet customer's requirements, we offer a range of additives selection. We will recommend the right additives to optimize the material for different molding processes and applications, ensuring better performance and functionality. The common additives and properties are listed below.
Name Description
UV absorbers Absorb UV radiation, slowing down the degradation of the material when used outdoors.
Flame retardants Prevent ignition and inhibits the spread of fire.
Plasticizers Increase flexibility and promotes plasticity, reducing the brittleness of the material.
Colorants Used to color plastics.
Carbon fibers Increase strength, toughness, and rigidity of the material at the expense of making the material more brittle.
Glass Fibers Increase strength, toughness, and rigidity of the material at the expense of making the material more brittle. It is more flexible than carbon fibers.

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Zhongde not only have a wide range of materials and additives but also have various manufacturing process for your custom molded parts. Explore Zhongde ‘s on-demand manufacturing capabilities and services here:

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FAQs of Material Selection Guide

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If you are not sure about the specific material, you can tell us the using condition, our engineer will recommend the most suitable material for you.

If the production process is consistent, it is possible, but the product will be deformed to different degrees due to different material characteristics

We won't charge extra fee on material modification service.

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