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High impact strength, low coefficient of friction, exceptional wear resistance.


Susceptibility to deformation under heavy loads over time, it may exhibit poor bonding properties.

Common Application

Bearings, medical implants, marine fendering systems, cutting boards, and chute liners.

Properties at a Glance

*Pease note: The following material properties are for reference only. Actual values may vary depending on the selected material brand.
Property Metric English
Density 0.930g/cm³ 57.94 lb/ft³
Shore Hardness D 60-65 60-65
Min Temp. Air -40°C -328°F
Max Temp. Air 80~120°C 176~248°F
Flammabilitiy, UL94 HB HB
Elongation at Break 50-300% 50-300%

Chemical Properties

  • Excellent chemical resistance to many acids, alkalis, and solvents.
  • Good resistance to organic solvents and hydrocarbons.
  • Non-toxic and biocompatible.

Get Custom UHMWPE Parts with Zhongde

Yes, UHMWPE can withstand harsh environmental conditions due to its excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and moisture.
UHMWPE is deemed safe for food contact applications due to its non-toxic nature and lack of odor. Regulatory agencies have approved UHMWPE for use in food processing and packaging, ensuring that it does not pose any health risks when in contact with consumable goods.
Yes, UHMWPE is recyclable. It can be melted and reprocessed into new products, making it an environmentally friendly material option.