On-Demand Manufacturing Services

Zhongde is dedicated to offering the finest in rapid prototyping and on-demand production services. Upload your CAD file for a free analysis and quotation.

Zhongde On-Demand Manufacturing Services

Zhongde is a leading injection mold manufacturer in China, providing professional and reliable injection molded rubber parts and custom plastic parts and making all the molding components in-house. Our completed production line and various manufacturing technologies enable us to undertake orders with high precision and complex parts.

Additional Service

Material Diversity: choose from 100+ kinds of materials

Material Modification: modify material based on using condition.

Custom Process

Your one-stop on-demand manufacturer. We help realize your ideas from design to end-use products and make delivery directly to your hands. Start from uploading drawings now.


They took the time to elaborate on the processand followed up with me quickly every time. have the utmost faith in their integrity and workethic. As with any transaction internationally it isimportant to be patient and ensure that youunderstand the process. They took time to makesure that the relationship was put first and I lookforward to continuing to work with them!

Kevin Sonderegger From US

Great customer service. very fast hassle-freeshipping. The product was what I need and bettethan expected. will definitely order from them again.

Bob Fenner From US

Fantastic company. very professional staff. Theygave me suggestion on perfecting my designAccelerated production helped me launch myproduct to the market promptly.

Paul Sandford From UK

It is easy to fill the form.

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