carbon steel products

Carbon Steel




Relatively low cost compared to other types of steel, easily machined, welded, and formed.


Susceptibility to corrosion, especially in humid or marine environments.

Common Application

Structural components in buildings and bridges, automotive parts such as chassis and frames, pipelines for transporting liquids and gases.

Steel 1010

Steel 1010 is a superior-grade carbon steel renowned for its low mechanical strength, excellent plasticity, and toughness. It's readily moldable even under cold conditions, easy to cut and process, and exhibits impressive welding capabilities. Surface hardness can be enhanced through carburizing and cyaniding processes.
Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Hardness
335 MPa 31% 137 HB

Steel 1018

Steel 1018, a low-carbon permeability steel, is widely employed in various applications such as pistons, screws, drive shafts, machine tools, and springs, owing to its excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and resistance to high-temperature oxidation.
Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Hardness
335 MPa 31% 137 HB

Steel 1215

Steel 1215 is an eco-friendly material free from lead and harmful substances, offering excellent machinability. It is ideal for various applications including electroplating shafts, cutting materials, and general parts, distinguishing it from 12L14 steel.
Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Hardness
390-540 MPa 10% 167 HB

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Carbon steel is valued for its cost-effectiveness and high tensile strength compared to other steel types, though it may have lower corrosion resistance and requires coatings for protection in some environments.
The limitations of carbon steel include susceptibility to corrosion in certain environments, which can be addressed with coatings or alloying elements, and a lower resistance to heat compared to some other materials.
Yes, carbon steel can be suitable for outdoor applications depending on the specific environmental conditions and the protective measures taken to prevent corrosion. However, it may require additional coatings or treatments to enhance its resistance to corrosion in outdoor environments.

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