Custom Plastic Parts

Customized Quality Parts

On-Demand Manufacturing Service from Prototype to Production

As an on-demand manufacturer, Zhongde offers custom plastic, rubber & metal parts. We guarantee consistent quality for prototypes and mass production.

Zhongde is an on-demand manufacturing company in China, that provides professional and reliable injection molded rubber parts and custom plastic parts. Our Completed production lines and various on-demand manufacturing services enable us to undertake orders with high precision and complex parts.

Plastic Injection Molding

Zhongde precision plastic injection moulding service is the most common manufacturing process for high-quality custom plastic parts at a competitive price.


Rubber Injection Molding

China custom rubber Injection molding service from Zhongde offers various materials selections and mold designs. We produce both solid rubber parts and rubber-bonding metal parts.

Why Zhongde

Zhongde is a leading on demand manufacturer in China and has been widely recognized by many Fortune 500 companies. Based on rich industry experience, a complete production line, a professional technical team, and a service team, we can make your design into reality. Zhongde produces prototypes and end-use parts with efficient manufacturing capabilities. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

One Stop Service

Fast digital manufacturing from design to products.

On-Demand Production

Customize complex and intricate parts as customers' requirements.

Various Manufacturing Technologies

Six manufactured technologies help you realize various customized requirements.

Material Diversity

Materials range from plastic, rubber to metal, covering hundreds of raw materials.

Material Modification

Solve tricky using conditions through material modification.

Multiple Color Options

Selection from hundreds of colors, any color according to Pantone color is available.

Various Surface Finishing

Support various of surface finishing according to customers' requirements

Parts Assembly Service

Provide both manual and automatic assembly service to improve efficiency.

Packing Customization

Any kinds of packaging can be customized according to customers' requirement.

Click to get a 3D printing sample for free. After sample is confirmed, we will design and manufacture molds to help you save cost and time.

Click to get a 3D printing sample for free. After sample is confirmed, we will design and manufacture molds to help you save cost and time.

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Parts & Prototypes

Custom Parts Application

With rich experience for customizing millions of products, Zhongde has the capability to customize parts for various of industries. Click to learn what industries we have served

The automotive industry is evolving fast, constantly designing and developing new models, always in need of customized automotive injection parts. Zhongde has produced many kinds of custom parts such as rubber grommets, rubber dust boot, plastic light shell for automotive industry.

The consumer electronics industry continues to update. Design and develop new models always in need of customized consumer electronics parts. Zhongde can customize various electronic parts in plastic, rubber, and metal materials.

As an on-demand manufacturer, Zhongde provides high-quality customized plastic parts for the home appliance industry.

Agricultural machinery parts need to be adapted to the special environment. Zhongde adopts various treatments to improve material performance and has already customized rubber tracks, rubber rollers, sealing gaskets, and other agricultural machinery parts.

From developing specialized molded rubber solutions for Smart Grid technology to sealing GPS units and underground conduit ducts, Zhongde is developing and manufacturing products counted on by the communications industry.

The marine industry covers a wide range, including various types of ships and docking equipment. Zhongde has produced many kinds of custom molded parts for the marine industry, such as rubber impellers, trailer accessories, rubber fenders, etc.

From gears to conveyor belts, Zhongde provides custom molded parts for transmission equipment components. Zhongde’s expertise in tool design, material selection, and part design assistance will help you create a cost-effective solution to the problem at hand.

There are many mechanical equipment in the mining and metallurgical industry, such as mine crushers, scraper conveyors, coal crushers, etc., those equipment requires many plastic and rubber parts. Zhongde has customized many parts and components for mine metallurgy industry.

In the chemical industry, there is a great demand for wearable parts. Zhongde offers customized rubber parts and molded plastic parts for the chemical industry, such as rubber sealing gaskets, filter spare parts, crusher parts, etc.

Zhongde provides precision custom parts for medical equipment to meet high standards of medical equipment. such as silicone covers, plastic shafts, plastic enclosures, etc are all with tight tolerance.

Zhongde’s on-demand manufacturing services offer a wide range of products. According to materials and processes, They are mainly divided into 6 categories. Customized plastic parts, OEM rubber parts, thermoplastic-elastomer parts, China custom CNC parts, 3D print mechanical parts, and assembly parts. If you have any custom requirements, please contact us directly or send an email to

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