Customized Plastic & Rubber & Metal Parts

One-stop Service from Prototype to Production

As a leading manufacturer of parts and components customization, Zhongde is always pursuing providing better quality products in shorter lead time.

Manufacturing Services

Zhongde is a leading injection mold manufacturer in China, providing professional and reliable injection molded rubber parts and custom plastic parts and making all the molding components in-house. Our completed production line and various of manufacturing technologies enables us to undertake orders with high precision and complex-shape parts.

Plastic Injection Molding

China precision plastic injection moulding is the most common manufacturing process for the fabrication of large quantities of plastic parts. China custom plastic injection molding can be used to create various customized plastic parts.


Rubber Injection Molding

Custom rubber injection molding by our company can be used to produce both solid rubber parts and rubber bonding metal parts, an ideal process for mid-to-high volume rubber production.

Why Zhongde

Zhongde is an industry leading injection mold manufacturer in China and has been widely recognized by many Fortune 500 companies. Based on rich industry experience, complete production line, professional technical team and thoughtful service team, we promise to provide better quality products with shorter lead time. Custom machined plastic/metal parts, custom rubber prototype and injection molded rubber parts are avaliable.

One Stop Service

Fast digital manufacturing from design to products.

On-Demand Production

Customize complex and intricate parts as customers' requirements.

Various Manufacturing Technologies

Six manufactured technologies help you realize various customized requirements.

Material Diversity

Materials range from plastic, rubber to metal, covering hundreds of raw materials.

Material Modification

Solve tricky using conditions through material modification.

Multiple Color Options

Selection from hundreds of colors, any color according to Pantone color is available.

Various Surface Finishing

Support various of surface finishing according to customers' requirements

Parts Assembly Service

Provide both manual and automatic assembly service to improve efficiency.

Packing Customization

Any kinds of packaging can be customized according to customers' requirement.

Click to get a 3D printing sample for free. After sample is confirmed, we will design and manufacture molds to help you save cost and time.

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Parts & Prototypes Products

Custom Parts Application

With rich experience for customizing millions of products, Zhongde has the capability to customize parts for various of industries. Click to learn what industries we have served


The automotive industry is evolving fast, constantly designing and developing new models, always in need of customized automotive injection parts. Zhongde has produced many kinds of custom parts such as rubber grommets, rubber dust boot, plastic light shell for automotive industry.

Custom Products

We can customize a wide range of products, involving all walks of life. According to materials and processes, they are mainly divided into six categories: customized plastic parts, OEM rubber parts, thermoplastic-elastomer parts, China custom CNC parts, 3d print mechanical parts and assembly parts. If you have any custom requirements, please contact us directly or send an email to sales@zdcpu.com