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Transmission System Molding

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Transmission system mainly refers to logistics transmission system, including production line transmission, logistics transmission, fully automatic transmission, etc. The rapid development of transmission systems requires a large number of customized accessories. Due to the excellent properties of rubber and plastic materials, they are widely used in the transmission industry.

transmission system custom parts

Common Transmission Devices Applications

As an on-demand manufacturer, Zhongde provides high-quality customized parts that meet the demanding requirements of the transmission device industry, ensuring reliable performance and superior quality for your products. Our expertise covers applications such as:

  • Gearboxes
  • Transmissions
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Power Take-Off (PTO) Systems
  • Pumps and Compressors
  • Actuators
  • Winches and Hoists
  • Transaxles
  • Drive Systems
  • Steering Systems

Transmission Devices Components Manufacturing Capabilities

In the transmission device industry, various manufacturing services can be used to meet the diverse needs of producing high-quality products. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team enable us to produce custom plastic components, metal parts, and assemblies with precision and efficiency. We work closely with our clients to deliver cost-effective solutions, ensuring that the manufacturing process aligns with their specific requirements and industry standards.

injection molding

Zhongde has developed a one-stop solution from mold designing and rapid prototyping to mass production. We improve the accuracy of products and meet the customized requirements of complex-shaped parts.

compression molding

We utilize high-strength, high-precision, and high-temperature-resistant metal molds to guarantee the quality of molded products.  Using the compression molding process, we can guarantee high-efficiency production, and ensure accurate products, and smooth surfaces.

cnc machining 680x450

Get custom CNC machining prototypes and production parts with high quality. We provide expert engineering reviews. Dozens of materials and finishes are available.

cast molding

We produce low-volume and highly accurate production by cast molding. Strictly follow the confirmed drawings or samples to produce. If any deviation, we will replenish our customers to make up for the loss.

Gallery of Transmission System Parts

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