Custom Molding Parts Applications

With rich experience for customizing millions of products, Zhongde has the capability to customize parts for various of industries. Click to learn what industries we have served.

Marine Custom Molding

On-demand Manufacturing of Marine Mouldings Marine mouldings applications require unique knowledge of the aggressive environment. The engineers at Zhongde have spent many years on the

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transmission device

Transmission Device Custom Molding

On-demand Manufacturing of Transmission System Molding Transmission system mainly refers to logistics transmission system, including production line transmission, logistics transmission, fully automatic transmission, etc. The

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Communication Custom Molding

On-demand Manufacturing of Communication Components From developing specialized molded rubber solutions for Smart Grid technology to sealing GPS units and underground conduit ducts, Zhongde is

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Automotive Custom Moulding

On-demand Manufacturing of Automotive Molded Parts The automotive industry is evolving fast, constantly designing and developing new models, always in need of/needing customized auto molding

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Custom Molding Parts Center

Here’s a small selection of the custom molding parts we’ve produced for our customers. View more at Custom Product.