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Metal CNC Machining Parts

Zhongde as a reputable on-demand manufacturer offers custom Metal CNC machining parts to meet customers’ requirements. Upload drawings right now to get a manual quotation within 24 hours.

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Metal CNC Machining Parts Show

The following are some of the Metal CNC machined parts our company has made through custom CNC milling and turning services. They are not for sale, only for displaying the product’s range and shape by Zhongde.



Pulleys are generally divided into grooved wheels, smooth wheels, and grooved wheels are divided into U-row grooved wheels and V-shaped grooved wheels. These pulleys are widely used in doors and windows, office chairs, cribs, furniture, strollers and so on.



Metal gears mainly used in the automotive industry, according to its shape, it is divided into cylindrical gears, bevel gears, non-circular gears, racks, and worm gears. Plastic gears are more lubricating and wear-resistant. Can reduce noise, reduce costs, and reduce friction.



Plugs, also called pipe caps, caps, pipe caps, and bulkheads, are installed on the external thread of the pipe end to close the pipeline. Including the design of convex plug, cone shell, variable diameter section, flat cover and tightening mouth. Mainly used in water, beverages, beer, food, petrochemicals, nuclear power, machinery, medical equipment, fertilizers, shipbuilding, waterproofing, pipelines, etc.

cnc machining metal bushes


The bushing refers to a ring sleeve that functions as a cushion, including mooth bushing, threaded bushing, flange bushing. In valve applications, the bushing is inside the valve cover for sealing.



Gasket is a mechanical seal between two objects, divided into flat gaskets and toothed gaskets, ring gaskets, oval gaskets, corrugated gaskets, etc.

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