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Rubber Bonding Plastic Parts

Zhongde as a reputable on-demand manufacturer offers custom rubber bonding plastic parts to meet customers’ requirements. Upload drawings right now to get a manual quotation within 24 hours.

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Rubber Bonding Plastic Parts Show

The following are some of the rubber bonding plastic parts we have made. They are only for displaying our custom rubber product’s range and shape, but not for sale.

Encapsulated O-rings

Encapsulated O rings conbine the excellent chemical resitant of PTFE with the elastic behavior of rubber. They are top choice when the rubber-elastic quality of the seal is indispensable, but the application also requires better chemical resitance than traditional rubber.


PTFE coated gasket

It is improved from full face rubber gasket. PTFE coating increase the maximum corrosion resistant to suit for universal corrosive chemicals. Normal rubber material is EPDM, the EPDM giving elatic recovery and low seating stress advantages, and a long sealing life.


Rubber bonding plastic pulley

Rubber coating pulley with plastic bearing inside. Rubber material has good wear resistance and can extend the life time of pulley. The plastic bearing in the middle plays a supporting role and reduces the weight compared to metal materials.

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