FAQs of Zhongde On-Demand Manufacturing

01. Can Zhongde create 3D drawings for customers?

Generally, customers are responsible for submitting 3D CAD drawings. If you have difficulties in providing drawings or have special requirements, we can create 3D drawings based on existing samples or 2D drawings. In addition, we can assist in modifying 3D drawings according to your requirements. However, these require discretionary charges.

02. What format of drawings do you use?

To provide an accurate and timely quote, we usually accept 3D CAD files in sTPSTEP IGS and X_T format. 2D drawings with reference dimensions in JPG. PDF format. We receive complete manufacturing information as part of this technical documentation

03. Can I modify the mold after the first run?

We can modify your mold by additional machining, fil-in welding, welding in additional material, or inserting a replacement feature. for a reasonable cost. If the changes are too great, however. producing a new mold may be more cost-effective than reworking the existing one.

04. Who owns the mold?

The mold belongs to our customers. Zhongde is only responsible for saving the mold for you and will not use it for other customers.

05. What is the service life of the mold?

Generally speaking, one set of molds can produce millions of products, and we will provide mold maintenance and repair services. If the lifespan of the mold is over and it cannot be used anymore, we will remake the mold FREE

01. What is the difference between CNC machining and injection molding?

Compared with injection molding, CNC machining has a shorter period and higher production accuracy. However, the unit price of the product is higher.

02. What are the types of compression molding?

There are two types of compression molding process, i.e, cold compression and hot compression moldings

03. What is the difference between molding and casting?

Molding or Mold making is the act of creating the cavity that carries a negative or reverse impression of an original model. Casting is the act of pouring liquid material into the cavity of a mold.

04. What are the commonly used materials for machining?

Common materials are divided into two categories: the processing of metal materials, such as stainless steel carbon steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, etc. the processing of non. metal materials. such as ceramics, plastics, etc. Hardness from high to low: stainless steel>cast iron>copper>aluminum.

05. What is your 3D printing manufacturing technology?

Our 3D printing technologies are FDM, SLS, etc. Our professional engineers will choose the right crafts according to product characteristics.

06. How do you make the quality control?

We have passed the ISOg0012015 quality control system certification, and each of our production processes undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure superior quality.

01. What is your customized product range?

We can customize all kinds of rubber. plastic. metal parts

02. How can I start to customize my products?

You can send us samples or 2d / 3d drawings, and we will produce accordingly

03. My customized parts are used in a special environment, how do you ensure that they can meet my requirements?

We have experienced material engineers who will choose the right material according to the product’s use environment. if the general material cannot meet the requirements, we will add additives or modify the raw materials

04. What is your normal tolerance?

The tolerance of the machined part is usually ±t0 02mm. the tolerance of the molding part is usually ±0.05mm.

01. we send you products from other suppliers for us to assemble?

Yes. You can send us the products from other suppliers, and after the assembly and packaging of our products are completed, we will ship them to you together.

02. Will you have an extra fee for assembly service?

Our assembly service will charge a fee slightly lower than the market price depending on the situation, and usually, the quotation will be included in the product.

03. What if the assembled parts are scattered after receiving the goods?

If it is our assembly reason, you can send the goods back to us for reassembly, and we will bear the freight back and forth.

04. Can you manufacture parts in every color?

We make any colors according to your requirements, such as black, red, and yellow. blue, orange, brown, or transparent. Alternatively. you can provide PANTONE color numbers or samples. we will make the precise color for you.

01. What is your standard packaging?

In general we use ziplock bags or bubble file plus cardboard boxes, wooden pallets or wooden cases will be used if necessary. A special packaging method is available if needed.

02. Can you offer customized packaging?

We can provide customized packaging according to customer needs, and charge as appropriate.

03. What is the normal lead time?

Average 15-25 days for tooling, bulk orders should depend on quantity.

04. What are your shipping methods?

We can ship by sea air, or international express such as FedEx, or DHL. etc

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