About Zhongde

About Zhongde

Founded in 1978, Zhongde is a professional on-demand manufacturer focusing on OEM & ODM customized services. Based on 40 years of technology deposition, we have developed a one-stop solution from mold designing and rapid prototyping to mass production. Our manufacturing capabilities include injection molding service, compression molding service, CNC machining service, metal stamping service, 3D printing service, etc.

Zhongde has been insisting on developing own molds for years, meanwhile, introducing fully automated equipment, which not only increased the accuracy of products, met the customized requirements of complex-shaped parts, but also improved the production efficiency, making us take a lead in the reform wave of rapid production and digital manufacturing. Up to now, we have brought in more than 1000 sets of advanced equipment, customized more than 1,000,000 parts and molds, and established long-term cooperative relationships with customers from more than 100 countries. Thanks to our mature rapid production system, more than 20,000 customers have accelerated the speed of products launching into the market.

In addition, Zhongde has passed various certifications of ISO9001, SGS, BV, etc. in terms of production management systems and product implementation standards. We have been pursuing the development concept of “Better Quality, Faster Delivery”, and are dedicated to becoming a leading ODM manufacturer around the world.

Join us at Zhongde, where innovation and craftsmanship converge to bring your vision to life. Experience manufacturing excellence with a trusted partner who thrives on precision, efficiency, and delivering results that drive your success.

Zhongde Team

Since its establishment, Zhongde has been expanding and consolidating its team and improving various functions. Our professional team can guarantee to provide you with reliable service.

Zhongde Production Lines

We have three main production lines, including rubber production lines, plastic production lines, and metal production lines. Our production line covers mold and parts production, CNC machining, 3D printing, surface treatment, quality inspection, assembly, and packaging customization. The complete production line allows us to provide customers with one-stop solutions to meet their special needs in all aspects.
Molding Making
CNC Machining
rubber factory
3D Printing
manufacturing process
Surface Finishing
Assembly & Packaing

Why Choose Zhongde?

With outstanding on-demand manufacturing services, Zhongde helps to make your concept into reality. We produce simple and complex prototypes and mass production in a short time with various manufacturing capabilities. All custom parts meet customers’ requirements with a tight tolerance.


Quality Assurance

Production is strictly following the confirmed drawing or samples and strict tolerance standards are implemented. If there is any deviation, our company will replenish the goods for the customer to make up for the loss.



We are an SGS-certified factory, also we have passed the IS09001 quality management system certification. Many of our products have passed FDA and RoHS certifications. we can provide certification services for our customers' products if necessary.


Affordable Price

Fully automatic production lines and continuously optimized manufacturing processes have significantly reduced our labor costs and production costs. We are definitely the on-demand manufacturer with the best quality and competitive price.


Prompt Service

Your quotation will be responded to within 24 hours of receiving to design drawings. 24/7 engineering support solves your problems in a timely manner.


In-time Delivery

Following a strict production system, we will strictly observe the production period to ensure that the products are delivered to you in time and in high quality.


Global Supply

Strictly abide by the production system and manufacturing period to ensure that products are delivered to you on time and with high quality.

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