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Zhongde can produce a variety of custom thermoplastic elastomer materials. This material not only has the excellent properties of traditional vulcanized rubber, such as high elasticity, aging resistance, and oil resistance, but also has the characteristics of convenient processing and wide processing methods for ordinary plastics. CNC TPE parts have the dual properties and broad characteristics of rubber and plastic, widely used in various fields such as commodity and industry.

Types of Custom TPE Parts

We have produced all kinds of TPE parts, including pure TPE parts, TPE coated metal parts, and TPE coated plastic products.

Specification of Custom TPE Parts

Name Description
Maximum Size 1500*1500*1000mm
Color White, Black, Transparent, or according to Pantone No.
Tolerance ±0.05mm
Surface Finishing Glossy, Semi-gloss, Matte, Textured finish, As-machined
Additives UV absorbers, Flame retardants, Plasticizers, Colorants, Carbon fibers, Glass fibers
Logo Debossed, Embossed, Printing
Drawing Format 2D Drawing: PDF/JPG/PNG; 3D Drawing: STEP/STP/IGS/DXF/DWG
Product Volume 50,000,000 Pcs/Month

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Material Selection

Color Option

Surface Finishing

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Available Materials for Custom TPE Parts



Relatively stable properties, good temperature resistance (temperature range -50-100’C). aging resistance. chemical resistance. and solvent resistance.



Good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, environmental resistance, aging resistance.
wide application temperature range (-60-150″C), easy to dye.



Small permanent compression, good thermal stability. good resilience, good aging resistance, agingresistance oil resistance, high bending fatique strength.



High wear resistance, wide range of hardness, high mechanical strength, impact resistance, bearing capacity, cold resistance and shock absorption performance.



Good resilience and abrasion resistance. excellent slip resistance and shock absorption performance.has good bonding performance with glue, ink, etc., and has good oil jet screen printing process ability.

FAQs of Custom TPE Parts

How can I start to customize my TPE products?

You can send us samples or 2d / 3d drawings, and we will produce accordingly.

What is TPE used for?

TPEs are used in a variety of applications in the automotive, medical, construction, electrical, appliance, packaging and industrial markets.

Is TPR material soft?

TPR can be as soft as a gel-like material or almost hard as molded parts.

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