Assembly & Packaging

Assembly Service

Thanks to a mature production line and a wide range of production, Zhongde not only provides single-piece products but also provides assembly services. Manual assembly or machine assembly services according to product types or a combination of the two, to improve production efficiency. The assembly service not only saves time and cost for you but also saves packaging space and freight. From mold and tooling production to mass production to product assembly and packaging, product materials range from rubber, and plastic to metal, Zhongde’s on-demand manufacturing and one-stop service will continue to improve to meet all your needs.

Custom Packaging Service

Generally speaking, we put one or a set of products in a ziplock bag, and then put it in a carton or wooden box according to the weight of the product. We will also provide the following types of customized packaging according to customer needs. In addition to these packaging methods, if you have other packaging requirements, you can also let us know.

FAQs of Assembly and Packaging

Yes. You can send us the products from other suppliers, and after the assembly and packaging of our products are completed, we will ship them to you together.

Our assembly service will charge a fee slightly lower than the market price depending on the situation, and usually the quotation will be included in the product.

If it is our assembly reason, you can send the goods back to us for reassembly, and we will bear the freight back and forth.

Knowledge Hubs for Assembly and Packaging