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3D Printing Parts

  • Rapid prototype
  • Higher quality and lower cost
  • Create almost any shape of 3D scale model parts
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Zhongde has introduced much-advanced equipment for 3D printing, which can be used to print plastic & metal mechanical parts and components, realize one-time printing, and reduce production costs. For 3D printing parts, we provide customization of personalized graphics in multiple fields according to customers’ requirements. As a manufacturer of plastic & metal 3D printed industrial parts, Zhongde Molding consistently updates equipment for casting and painting of 3D FDM/SLS printed parts.

Types of 3D Printing Parts

Plastic 3D Printing Parts

We can produce plastic 3D printing parts of a variety of materials, support a variety of surface treatments, with higher precision, and can be widely used in machinery, food, chemical, and mining industries.

Metal 3D Printing Parts

The metal 3D printing parts we produce can be combined with other manufacturing technologies, and can also be used to manufacture prototypes and finished products. Widely used in aerospace, mechanical engineering, specific tools, and other industries.

Specification of 3D Printing Parts

Name Description
Maximum Size 1500x1500x1000mm
Color White, Black, Transparent, or according to Pantone No.
Tolerance ±0.05mm
Surface Finishing Glossy, Semi-gloss, Matte, Textured finish, As-machined
Addictives UV absorbers, Flame retardants, Plasticizers, Colorants, Carbon fibers, Glass fibers
Logo Debossed, Embossed, Printing
Drawing Format 2D Drawing: PDF/JPG/PNG. 3D Drawing: STEP/STP/IGS/DXF/DWG
Product Volume 50,000,000 Pcs/Month

Available Material of Painting 3D Printed Parts



3 grades available High strength and impact resistance. Used for functional prototypes.



3 colors available Good for mechanical parts with high impact resistance and flexibility. Sterilizable.



2 grades available Engineering plastic, high performance applications, flame retardant.



7 resins available High detail and smooth surface, injection mold-like prototyping.


Stainless Steel 316

1 grade available High strength and stiffness, good detail.



3 types available Commodity plastic, improved mechanical and thermal properties compared to PLA.



8 colors available High stiffness, good detail, affordable. Good for low-cost & fast prototyping.



3 colors available Good UV stability and high chemical resistance, preferred material for outdoor applications.



Shore hardness 85A-95A Rubber-like material, suitable for tubes, grips, seals and gaskets.


Aluminum AlsiMg10

1 grade available Aluminum is a metal with good strength-to-weight ratio. high thermal and electrical conductivity, low density and natural weather resistance.

FAQs of 3D Printing Service

View our FAQ center for more questions.

Step1: Upload your 3D files ,

Step2: Describe clearly the customization requirements, such as material, quantity, purpose,

Step3: Get an accurate quotation and start production.

Our 3D printing technologies are FDM, SLS, etc. Our professional engineers will choose the right crafts according to product characteristics.

Generally, there are three main things you always need to consider:

The required material properties: strength, hardness, impact strength etc.

The functional & visual design requirements: smooth surface, strength, heat resistance etc.

The capabilities of the 3D printing process: accuracy, available print volume, layer height etc.

With these considerations in mind, identifying the best solution for your application should become straightforward.

It is easy to fill the form.

Make your design come true.

From design to final parts, from rapid prototyping to mass production, Zhongde’s one-stop service meets your needs.

Upload your design drawing and all uploads are secure and confidential!