Plastic 3D Printing Parts

Plastic 3D Printing Parts

Zhongde as a reputable on-demand manufacturer offers 3D printing services. The custom products included plastic 3D printing parts and metal 3D printing parts. Upload drawings right now to get a manual quotation within 24 hours.

3D Printing Plastic Parts Show

The following are some of the plastic 3D printing small parts we have made for our customers. They are only for displaying our product’s range and shape. but not for sale.


Hand sheet

We can produce all kinds of hand sheet that used in automotive, medical, electronics, home appliances, meters, models.

3d printed mold


3D printing can use plastic materials to make injection molds, which are cheaper and faster than traditional metal molds. The mold can be made in a fast time within 1 day.

3d printed invisible-braces.

Invisible braces

The transparent orthodontic aligner is one of the dental products manufactured by 3D printing. It is aesthetically attractive and suitable for adult patients who want to maximize the appearance of orthodontic appliances.


New energy vehicles

New energy vehicles can be printed in one piece using direct digital manufacturing processes.

3d printed automotive parts


A 3D printed piece using Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) | Credits: Sculpteo

Other Custom Products

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