Three Different Silicone Rubber Forming Processes

Three Different Silicone Rubber Forming Processes

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Silicone rubber, it is mostly used for travel bottle, sub bottling, gift goods and massage equipment. As an environmental protection material, it is widely used in the fields of women and children’s products, cosmetics, medical products, outdoor leisure field and furniture. With the continuous use of plant extraction formula in the cosmetics industry, it is believed that it will tend to grow significantly in the cosmetics industry in the future. Let’s have a deep understanding of the silicone rubber molding process:


1. Molding process of molded silicone rubber

The molding process of molded silicone rubber is usually pouring rubber into a mold, and then apply pressure through the vulcanizing machine to solidify it at high temperature. The hardness of molded silicone rubber is usually between 30°C and 70°C. The color of raw materials and color paste is adjusted according to Pantone color card number. The shape of the mold determines the shape of the molded silicone rubber products. The molded silicone rubber products are the most widely used in the silicone rubber industry at present. It is mainly used for making silicone rubber industrial accessories, buttons, silicone rubber gifts, silicone rubber bracelets, silicone rubber watches, key bags, mobile phone cases, silicone rubber kitchenware, silicone rubber mats, ice grids, cake molds, etc.


2. Molding process of extruded silicone rubber

Extruded silicone rubber products are usually formed by rubber molding China extrusion machine. Generally, the shape of extruded silicone rubber is long and tubular, which can be cut easily. It is widely used in medical devices and food machinery.


3. Molding process of liquid silicone rubber

Liquid silicone rubber products are injection molded by silicone rubber, the product is soft, the hardness can reach 10°C-40°C, because of its soft characteristics, it is widely used in the simulation of human organs, medical silicone rubber breast pads etc.

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