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Material Selection

In addition to general metal materials like aluminum, Zhongde, a reliable company, can also modify the materials according to the special needs of customers. In terms of complex plastic casting and metal injection molding with multi colors, our professional engineers will adjust the raw material formula to meet the unique conditions of use. Please let us know your unique use condition, our material experts will offer you customize material solutions, such as polycarbonate injection molding, fiberglass compression molding, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyamide, polymer, elastomer, thermoset, fiber, pp injection molding…


ABSCommon thermoplastic with high impact resistance, low cost & low density. Vulnerable to solvents.Get a Quote
PA6Excellent mechanical properties, with high toughness and hardness. Susceptible to moisture absorption.Get a Quote
PA66 Good strength, hardness, and abrasion resistance Get a Quote
POMHigh stiffness, high accuracy, low friction, easy to machine.Get a Quote
PP Excellent chemical resistance. Food-safe grades are available.Get a Quote
PE Excellent strength-to-weight ratio, impact, and weather resistance.Get a Quote
LDPELightweight, flexible, good chemical resistance, low-temperature resistanceGet a Quote
HDPEExcellent strength-to-weight ratio. impact and weather resistantGet a Quote
PELightweight thermoplastic with good impact strength & weather resistance. Suitable for outdoor applications.Get a Quote
UHMWHighly resistant to corrosive chemicals except for oxidizing acids: highly resistant to abrasion.Get a Quote
PTFEHigh strength, toughness, and self-lubrication at low temperatures, and good flexibility at temperatures.Get a Quote
PEEKHigh-performance thermoplastic, very high strength, thermal and chemical resistant.Get a Quote
PCHigh thermal resistance, weather resistance & toughnessGet a Quote
PMMAUV-resistant plastic with good abrasion resistance. stiffness and hardness.Get a Quote
PSNon-toxic, odorless, and lightweightGet a Quote
PVCExcellent chemical and weather resistance and good toughness.Get a Quote
PUHigh elasticity and moldabilityGet a Quote



NRNatural rubber. has good elasticity, high strength, and good insulation, but it is not resistant to oil, has poor temperature resistance, and is easy to age.Get a Quote
NBRNitrile rubber, has excellent aging resistance, good electrical insulation, good impact elasticity, and oil resistance. But vulcanized plastics are slow and have poor self-adhesive and hot tear properties.Get a Quote
SBRGood heat resistance, aging resistance, and abrasion resistance. But the cold resistance. elasticity. tear resistance and other properties are poor, and the calendering deformation is large.Get a Quote
HNBRBoth hot air and steam resistant whilst simultaneously having very good low-temperature flexibility.Get a Quote
CRChloroprene rubber has good heat resistance, aging resistance, and cold and water resistance. It has poor electrical insulation.Get a Quote
VMQIt is currently the best cold and high-temperature-resistant rubber. It has excellent electrical insulation and high stability to thermal oxidation and ozone. inertia. The mechanical strength is low. Get a Quote
LSRExcellent compression set, biocompatibility, chemical resistance, and resistance up to 250°CGet a Quote
FVMQGood heat resistance, cold resistance, and high voltage resistance, and also have good oil resistance, acid, and alkali resistance. It can work for a long time at -55~+200C.Get a Quote
FKMHigh abrasion resistance, good light aging resistance, ozone aging resistance, radiation resistance, gasoline resistance, weak acid resistance, operating temperature range: -20-+200℃. Get a Quote
FFKMThe long-term working temperature range is -3g°C-+288C, and it can reach 315℃ in the short term. It is hard but not brittle and can be bent.Get a Quote
EPDMExcellent aging resistance. good electrical insulation, good impact elasticity, and oil resistance. But the vulcanization speed is slow, the self-adhesiveness and hot tearing performance is poor, and the processing performance is not good.Get a Quote
IRElasticity, compression set, creep, and abrasion resistance are excellentGet a Quote
IIRHas good air tightness, excellent light aging resistance, and chemical resistance. The effect of absorbing shock or vibration is good. Good electrical insulation performance.Get a Quote
TPERelatively stable properties, good temperature resistance (temperature range -50-100’C). aging resistance. chemical resistance. and solvent resistance.Get a Quote
TPUHigh wear resistance, a wide range of hardness, high mechanical strength, impact resistance, bearing capacity, cold resistance, and shock absorption performance.Get a Quote
TPVGood elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, environmental resistance, and aging resistance.wide application temperature range (-60-150″C), easy to dye.Get a Quote
TPRGood resilience and abrasion resistance. excellent slip resistance and shock absorption performance. It has good bonding performance with glue, ink, etc., and has good oil jet screen printing processability.Get a Quote


AluminumLight metal, the density is only about one-third of iron. Pure aluminum is softer, and its tensile strength in urban areas is around 300·C. Aluminum alloy is tougher and easy to stretch.Get a Quote
BrassGood mechanical properties, good plasticity in a hot state, plasticity in a cold state, good machine ability, easy to weld, corrosion resistance, but easy to produce corrosion cracking.Get a Quote
CopperPure copper is a soft metal with good ductility and high thermal and electrical conductivity. The copper alloy has excellent mechanical properties and low resistivity.Get a Quote
Carbon SteelExcellent process performance, good processing technology, low price, low strength level, and poor heat resistance.Get a Quote
Stainless SteelThe brightness of stainless steel is close to the mirror surface. and it has excellent corrosion resistance form ability. compatibility and toughness.Get a Quote
Steel AlloyHigh strength and toughness, fatigue resistant. Steel alloy contains other alloying elements in addition to carbon, resulting in improved hardness. toughness, fatigue, and wear resistance.Get a Quote

Material Modification

In addition to general materials, we can also modify the materials according to the special needs of customers. Our professional engineers will adjust the raw material formula to meet the unique conditions of use. Please let us know your unique using condition, our material experts will offer you customize material solutions.


Additives of Material Selection

In order to improve the performance of the material, we can add additives to the material as required. The common additives and common properties are listed below. If you want to know more, please go to each process page to view the different additives applicable to each process and material.

Name Description
UV absorbers Absorb UV radiation, slowing down the degradation of the material when used outdoors.
Flame retardants Prevent ignition and inhibits the spread of fire.
Plasticizers Increase flexibility and promotes plasticity, reducing the brittleness of the material.
Colorants Used to color plastics.
Carbon fibers Increase strength, toughness, and rigidity of the material at the expense of making the material more brittle.
Glass fibers Increase strength, toughness, and rigidity of the material at the expense of making the material more brittle. It is more flexible than carbon fibers.

Selecting the Right Material for Injection Molding Parts


Injection molding is a process by which you can make components using heated plastic. This heated plastic is injected into a mold and allowed to solidify. Then, it is removed from the mold once ready. Choosing the correct type of plastic is essential in this case, as the project’s quality relies on the component’s quality. As such, the project requirements will determine which plastic you select.


Following is a guideline on how to choose the right plastic for injection molding parts.

Ready to start making parts?

Once you’ve chosen your production material, we’ll create your parts and components using cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Explore Zhongde ‘s on-demand manufacturing capabilities here:

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Compression Molding

Cast Molding

CNC Machining

FAQs of Material Selection

How should I choose the most suitable material for my project?

If you are not sure about the specific material, you can tell us the using condition, our engineer will recommend the most suitable material for you.

Can one set of mold produce products in different materials?

If the production process is consistent, it is possible, but the product will be deformed to different degrees due to different material characteristics

How do you charge for material modification service?

We won't charge extra fee on material modification service.

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