Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is the most common manufacturing process for the fabrication of large quantities of plastic parts. As an ideal method to produce high volumes of plastic parts in the same shape, practical injection molding can be used to create various plastic parts, which vary broadly in size, complexity, and application. Almost every plastic item around you was manufactured by injection molding. 

As a reputable injection molding company in China, Zhongde supplies custom molding services including China precision plastic injection molding and rubber injection molding, as well as over-molding and insert molding, all with affordable prices and considerate service. The plastic injection molding made at the Zhongde factory is a standard process involving a stainless steel mold.

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Injection Molding From Prototyping to Production

Injection Molding Molds Making and Tooling Services

Zhongde, a custom plastic injection molding company in China, can produce the most intricate CNC injection mold, which is up to 78 inches long. In addition, our customize plastic die mold is lifetime guaranteed and machined from high-grade metal.

We have been insisting on developing our own molds for many years, meanwhile, introducing fully automated equipment. Our professional engineer will help to improve the mold design.

  • Injection Molding Service Option: Prototyping & on-demand manufacturing


  • Mold Material: Steel P20, H13, S136, 2316,2344, 083, 718H, SKD618, etc.


  • Mold Type: Family molds, single and multi-cavities molds


  • Mold Storage: Stored for 3 years in inactivity


  • Guaranteed mold life: Unlimited


  • Mold Remachining: We can re-machine the molds if there are any changes required, basis on mold structure.

Plastic Injection Molding Size Chart

The below table shows the available size of the plastic injection molding service. If you need a larger size, Zhongde, a professional China precision plastic injection molding manufacturer, can also help you achieve it at a lower cost.

Size Metric Inch
Length 2500 98.4
Width 2000 78.7
Height 1500 59

Plastic Injection Molding Materials

We have a wide selection of thermoplastic and thermoset materials, all serving different purposes. Be aware of the basic characteristics of the material, such as acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, and high wear resistance, and choose the suitable injection molding material based on your application requirement.

The general materials are listed below for custom plastic injection molding.


If you have special needs for injection molding parts, our professional engineers will adjust the raw materials formula to meet the unique conditions of use.

UV absorbersColorants
Flame retardantsCarbon fibers
PlasticizersGlass fibers

Plastic Injection Molding Surface Finishing

Injection molding surface finish is critical to a successful part design and it is used for aesthetic and functional reasons in injection molded parts for engineering products. The surface finish improves the look and the feel of a product as the perceived value and quality of the product increase with a suitable surface finish.

Different grades of surface finishing chart.


A-grade finishes are made using a diamond buffing process and yield shiny and glossy surfaces on injection molded parts.

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Semi-glossyB-grade finishes use grit sandpaper to produce parts with a slightly rougher finish than grade A parts. Custom molded plastic parts that undergo B-grade finishing have a matte surface texture.Get A Quote
MatteC-grade finishes use grit sanding stones to produce a rough, uneven surface. Injection plastic parts that undergo C-grade finishing have a matte surface texture.Get A Quote
TexturedD-grade finishes use grit and dry glass beads or oxide to produce a very rough textured finish. Depending on the type of material used, products can have a satin or dull finish.Get A Quote

The Plastic Injection Molding Process

Plastic injection molding is the process of filling a mold tool with liquid plastic resin under great pressure. The tool may comprise a single cavity or hundreds of cavities in order to make indefinite numbers of parts. Once the mold tools have been carefully designed and manufactured, the molding process consists of the following basic steps:


  • Step 1 –  The plastic resin comes in raw pellets. These are dried to the right moisture content, and then if necessary they can be blended with pigments or masterbatch colorants to create the correct color for the design.


  • Step 2 – The dried pellets are poured into the hopper of the molding machine. A reciprocating screw inside the barrel of the machine is used to transport these pellets toward the mold while at the same time heating them.


  • Step 3 – Within the barrel, the pellets are mixed and heated until fully molten, forming the liquid resin.


  • Step 4 – The heated mold closes automatically and resin, under great pressure, is injected through a gate and into the mold cavity.


  • step 5 – The mold is cooled in a short amount of time to solidify the part inside.


  • Step 6 – The mold opens and the part is ejected to begin a new cycle.

Why Choose Zhongde for Plastic Injection Molding?

Moving beyond rapid prototyping, Zhongde, as a reliable injection molding manufacturer, is supported by many senior project managers and engineering experts, communicating through all project stages from design to production.

Let's Start A New Project Right Now!

Applications of Injection Molded Plastic Parts

Our plastic injection molding service is perfect for addressing the various demands of different industries, including agricultural machinery, automotive, consumer electronics, home appliances, fitness equipment, transmission system, etc.

FAQs of Plastic Injection Molding Service

Can I modify the injection mold after the first run?

We can modify your steel injection mold by additional machining, fill-in welding, welding in additional material, or inserting a replacement feature for a reasonable cost. However, if the changes are too great, producing a new mold may be more cost-effective than reworking the existing one.

Where is the tooling when my injection mold is done?

As a one-stop rubber and plastic injection molding manufacturer, we will make the tooling by ourselves. As long as you continue to run parts in our facility, we will keep the molds for you and make any necessary repairs or refurbishments at our cost for the life of your mold.

Who owns the mold?

The mold belongs to you. Zhongde is only responsible for saving the mold for you and will not use it for other customers.

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