Metal 3D Printing Parts

Metal 3D Printing Parts

Zhongde as a reputable on-demand manufacturer offers 3D printing services. The custom products included plastic 3D printing parts and metal 3D printing parts. Upload drawings right now to get a manual quotation within 24 hours.

Metal 3D Printing Metal Parts Show

The following are some of the metal 3D printing small parts we have made for our customers. They are only for displaying our product’s range and shape. but not for sale.



3D printing can be used to produce ultra-resistant steel alloy impeller. Steel alloy to 3D print, the performance has been greatly improved.



Our 3D printing technology can produce tableware with exquisite craftsmanship and complex structure. Interesting shapes such as this cutlery set are increasingly popular through 3D printing.



More and more engineers become to use 3D printing to produce engines, which used for rocket, automotive & industry equipments.



3D printing technology can be used to produce medical supplies. Parts such as copings and bridges are being made using metal 3D printing.



3D printing is very suitable for jewelry production. Complex, bespoke, unique shapes can all be produced whilst giving the designer absolute freedom to express themselves.


Medical implants

Today, medical implants from biocompatible materials (such as titanium) are one of the major uses of metal 3D printing.


Metal Molds

Metal molds with internal conformal cooling channels can be manufactured using DMLS/SLM 3D pritning. These cooling channels can be printed to any shape and closer to the part than subtractive methods can accomplish.

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