German customers produced precision instruments through high-precision machining.

Country: Germany

Industry: Precise Instrument

Technology: 3D Printing

Mr. Martin, a customer from Germany, mainly makes precision instruments. We know that precision instruments have high requirements for spare parts. Both the material and the surface treatment methods affect the accuracy of the instrument to a large extent. Mr. Martin’s factory recently developed a new type of precision instrument. Some parts still need to be customized and mass-produced. It happens that the gear on this precision instrument is a kind of accessory we often produce. 

We specialize in making China precision machining parts. The service provider of customized accessories is very experienced, and the materials are also very complete, and the equipment is also very advanced. After many comparisons, customers find that we are the best partner. 

After some negotiations, we learned that the accuracy required by the customer is very high, the tolerance needs to be controlled within 0.01mm, and the surface should be smooth, without water ripples, otherwise it will affect the use effect. Our engineers carefully analyzed the customer’s design drawings and used 3D printing to make a prototype of the accessory. After testing, the size of the gear just met the requirements, so we started to make the mold and put it into mass production. The customer also won a larger market with high-quality products. He thanked us very much and looked forward to further cooperation.


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