Agricultural machinery parts’ agent continue to deepen cooperation with us for a win-win development

Country: Australia

Industry: Agricultural Machinery

Technology: CNC MachiningInjection Molding, Material Modification, Mold Making

Vic Muller is Australia’s agent for custom-made agricultural machinery parts and one of our oldest customers. We have been cooperating since our company started to do foreign trade.

Vic has many cooperative factories for agricultural machinery parts in Australia, and he helps these factories find reliable suppliers in China. When we first started cooperating with Vic, we were cooperating with some simple rubber parts. The quality and price have also been recognized by end customers. We have gradually established a trust relationship, and he began to give us more orders. With the continuous development of the factory, the continuous update of equipment and the continuous improvement of product quality, the products we cooperate with are becoming more and more extensive, from the beginning of rubber parts to various metal machined parts, to plastic machined parts and injection molded parts, From a single product to cover parts, and assembly parts, the product structure is becoming more and more complex.

Of course, there have been frictions in the course of cooperation over the years. A customer of Vic who is engaged in agricultural machinery parts orders 500 sets of support parts every year. This procurement plan has been maintained for many years. Due to the unique material of the support parts, we will prepare 500 sets of raw materials in advance every year to avoid delays. However, in 2016, the customer’s business was very good, unexpectedly ordered 20,000 sets of support parts, and the performance requirements of the materials have also been improved. It took us a long time to modify the material to meet the customer’s needs. However, the raw materials were not adequately prepared, and the quantitative increase has increased. We urgently opened a lot of new molds and barely caught up with the customer’s demand. period. After this experience, we communicated frankly with Vic and put forward a number of customer-friendly solutions to avoid this situation from happening again. Later, customers continued to increase their orders, and we were able to complete the orders in advance.

We have been in cooperation with Vic for nearly ten years, and the quality of our products has been recognized by end customers. Once we encounter problems, we will communicate with customers frankly and propose solutions that are more beneficial to customers. Vic is also more and more to us The more trust, I believe that our later cooperation will be smoother.


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