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Fishing company overcomes difficulties in producing complex fishing tools by combining injection molding and compression molding.

Country: Chile

Industry: Agricultural Machinery

Technology: Injection Molding and Compression Molding

Vicente Diaz from Chile inherited the fishing industry from his father, and their family has been in this industry for several generations. Along with people’s demand of fish increasing substantially, Vicente’s business has become better and better, and has opened up five more ports in Chile. In order to improve the fish quality and fishing efficiency, Vicente united his engineers and developed the newest fishing equipment. Some of the polyurethane parts are the most difficult among the equipment, whether the polyurethane parts can be produced directly determines if the fishing equipment can operate smoothly. Finding suppliers has become the top priority of C’s work.

When C contacted us, he had already established contacts with many other international suppliers and paid mold fee to several of them, but he did not get products that meet his standards. Our engineer communicated with C, got a detailed understanding of the using environment for the product, and conducted a professional analysis of the product drawings.

Because the fishing equipment is used in the sea and the environment is harsh, it should be in long-term contact with sea water and withstands a certain water pressure. It has high requirements for material performance. Ordinary polyurethane obviously cannot meet it. Engineers need to prepare a special polyurethane material to achieve using standard. Combining professional knowledge and years of experience, our engineer communicated with C much time and though tested the samples repeatedly, finally find the perfect recipe for polyurethane material that meets the usage standards.

In addition to the harsh environment condition, the huge polyurethane parts should be linked and closely matched with other accessories. The structure is also extremely complex, especially the metal parts sandwiched between must be in the center. Therefore, the design of the mold is also a major difficulty. The engineer put forward suggestions for improvement of the product design by analyzing the drawings, and analyzed the reasons for the failure of other suppliers. After many attempts, the waste of the test sample alone was hundreds of kilograms. Through constant adjustment of the mold, a successful sample was finally tested.


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