Automobile company uses automated rubber injection molding increased the capacity by 10 times.

Country: Germany

Industry: Automotive

Technology: Rubber Injection Molding

David Wallace from Geman has been worked in auto industry for many years. He takes to charge one of their more popular products’ production line. Their product needs a series of custom rubber parts, which is used for car air conditioner system. David’s first choice was to cooperate with their previous supplier who could meet their requirement at the first stage. However, with the sales number going up, they started to need more and more rubber parts. Obviously the traditional rubber manufacturer capacity was not enough. They had to choose whether to stop production and waiting for the parts or stock the rubber parts two years earlier. David chose neither of them but to selected a new supplier.

David was in great demand for the rubber parts when he found us. After some emails and phone calls, David decided to investigate our factory by himself. David took a factory tour and told us that he was satisfied with our automatic workshop as well as our advanced equipments. After discussing, our engineer learned that the rubber parts are used for car airconditioner system, which means the material should be both heat resistant and cold resistant, and should not be out of shape while temperature changing. He also understands the most important thing for us is to improve capacity. Our engineer comes up with a custom solution to solve David’s problem.

  • First, we calculate the quantity and lead time, come to the conclusion that we should open many groups of molds with multi cavities.

  • Second, we used an automotive rubber injected machine rather than a traditional vulcanized machine.

  • Third, we realized remove burrs by hand will procrastinate delivery, so we used a Liquid Nitrogen Trimming Machine / Cryogenic Deflashing Machine.

Compare to traditional rubber injection molding companies, we have sent our batches of goods to David in time, and David said he will send us orders continuously, we improved 10 times output with our method.


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