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Machining refers to the process of changing the dimensions or performance of the workpiece through mechanical equipment. Zhongde, a reputable fast cnc machining company in China, supplies high quality 3d customized precision machining services, including cnc milling and turning. Through different machining methods by our factory, gradually change the shape, size, relative position, and performance of the blank until it reaches the processing process of the workpiece required by the customer.

Looking for a reliable, quick-turn supplier of machined plastic and metal parts and components? Zhongde is a trusted CNC machining and molding manufacturer in China, committed to offering different types of cnc machining and cnc operations such as our cnc turning service, with affordable price and reduced cheap service costWith 3-axis, full 5-axis machines, we can ensure to provide you high accuracy and quality parts on-time.



CNC Machining Process

CNC Milling

CNC Milling

Milling is a machining method in which a milling cutter is used as a tool for the surface of an object. Use a rotating multi-edge tool to cut the workpiece.

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CNC Turning

CNC Turning

Turning is a method of cutting the workpiece on the lathe by rotating the workpiece relative to the tool. Turning is suitable for machining revolving surfaces.

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Advantages of Custom CNC Machining

Small production run
Small production run
Short manufacturing turnaround times
Short manufacturing turnaround times
Fully automatic production
Fully automatic production
Easy to process large size parts with simple structure
Easy to process large size parts with simple structure
High precision products with small tolerance
High precision products with small tolerance

Highly Accuracy with Small tolerance

Compared with many common manufacturing methods, CNC machining by Zhongde, a reputable fast CNC molding and machining company with its own factory, shows greater dimensional accuracy. In terms of its tighter tolerance, even ±0.025mm tolerance can be achieved.

Excellent material properties

Parts made by our custom CNC machining service have rather great physical properties. For applications that place high requirements on performance, CNC machined parts are the ideal. 

Quick turnaround times

With the advanced CNC machines, the manufacturing speed of different types of high quality CNC machining parts is accelerated accordingly. The turnaround of CNC machining process is comparable to that of 3D printing service.

Types of CNC Operations

CNC machining operation services by Zhongde, a professional manufacturer in China, mainly include CNC milling for rough machining, turning for rotating surface, drilling for machining holes, planing for straight shaped surface, and grinding for the cylindrical surface.


CNC Milling Service

Milling is mainly used for rough machining and semi-finish machining of various planes, various grooves, etc

CNC Turning

Turning is a method of cutting the rotating surface of a workpiece on a lathe with a turning tool.

CNC Drilling

Drilling refers to the method used to machine holes. The drilling tool moves relative to the workpiece and feeds axially.

CNC Planing

Planing is a method of cutting on a planing machine using a planer and is mainly used to process straight shaped surfaces.

CNC Grinding

Grinding is mainly used for finishing the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, planes and forming surfaces of parts to obtain higher dimensional accuracy and smaller surface roughness.

Applications of CNC Machining

Our CNC machining service with relatively cheap price are widely used in many different industrial situations. Here are some examples on the exploitation of CNC machining benefits by professionals. They may bring inspiration to you and help with your own projects.

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FAQ of CNC Machining

What types of CAD files are accepted?

We can accept most CAD file formats. (e.g. STEP, IGES, etc)

Do you offer any design services for a machined part?

For both our cnc machining service and injection molding service, we can provide drawings according to the samples, but the final design drawings should be approved and responsible by the customers.

What is the MOQ for CNC machined parts?

Usually, we don't set MOQ, but the more, the cheaper. Besides, we are happy to make prototype or sample for customers to ensure quality standard.

What materials can be used for CNC machining?

A wide range of materials can be used with precision CNC machining by Zhongde, a reputable company providing quality CNC service. Some commonly used materials include metals such as brass and stainless steel, various plastics like PP and PA.

How do you select the exact manufacturer for my parts?

As a reliable CNC machining supplier in China, specializing in OEM & ODM customized services, Zhongde, with advanced equipment and mature production system, provides high-quality cost-effective CNC molding and machining service for more than 50 countries.

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