What is the Purpose of Inserts in Injection Mold Processing

What is the Purpose of Inserts in Injection Mold Processing?

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Injection mold inserts are also called inserts, which refer to mold parts used to be embedded in injection molds, and require very high precision. So why bother to make inserts when processing injection molds?

The main purposes are as follows:


1. Save manufacturing materials for injection mold tooling

As we all know, the injection mold material is a fixed-shaped, relatively regular block steel, but the material of the front and rear molds is determined by the height, whether it is the front mold or the back mold, if one place is higher than other places, you can make inlays. Parts to reduce the height of the injection mold tooling.


2. The injection mold tooling is convenient to change the mold

Where the injection mold is frequently modified, it can be disassembled to make inserts. When the injection mold is changed in the future, only the inserts can be replaced, or even a few more inserts can be replaced by overmolding supplier when the mold is opened, so that the injection mold can be modified easily.


3. Conducive to the exhaust of injection mold tooling

The exhaust of the injection molding mold is very important. If the venting is not good, air traps will appear in the mold cavity, especially in relatively deep bones. During injection molding, the product is prone to defects such as bubbles or shrinkage, lack of glue, whitening or black spots. Therefore, inserts can be added where the injection mold needs to be vented, and the fitting gap of the inserts can be used for venting.


4. Convenient processing for injection mold tooling

There are some deep bones in the injection mold, and the tools are difficult to process. Although EDM can be used for machining, the EDM processing speed is slow and the processing efficiency is not high. Therefore, the inserts are generally selected to reduce the processing difficulty and facilitate the exhaust. The other is the deep bone type saving mold, because it is inconvenient to save the mold in the place where the mold must be saved, but it is much more convenient to open the insert in these places and save the mold after disassembly.


5. Extend the service life of injection mold tooling

Generally speaking, the place where the injection mold needs to design the insert is often the easily damaged place in the injection mold. Once the insert is damaged, it must be replaced, thereby prolonging the service life of the injection mold.

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