Production Process of Molded Rubber Products

Production Process of Molded Rubber Products

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Molded rubber products refer to rubber products produced by pressing with molds, which are a variety of products with wide application and high added value.


Ⅰ. Introduction to molded rubber products

Rubber molded products are also called molded rubber products. Almost all rubber products are processed by corresponding molds, but not all rubber products can be called “rubber molded products”. Molded rubber products refer to products obtained by molding and vulcanizing the rubber compound in its mold cavity.

Rubber molded products are the most widely used type of special products in rubber products. Its characteristics are: easy manufacture, accurate shape, smooth surface, dense texture, simple process, easy mechanization and automatic production, high production efficiency and low cost. Therefore, rubber molded products are highly commercialized and suitable for rubber products with complex shapes.


Ⅱ. Molded rubber products are classified as follows

1. Seals: O-rings, oil seals (without skeleton, with skeleton), lip seals (V, L, Y, U, J seals), rectangular seals, angle seals, special shape seals rings, general sealing rings and gaskets;

2. Special products: bag products, corrugated products, sleeve products;

3. Built-in inserts: soft inserts (fabric), hard inserts (metal);

4. Film products;

5. Shaft products;

6. Shock-absorbing and buffer products;

7. Blow molding products;

8. Air blowing pick-up products;

9. Gaskets, foot pads.

In the production of molded rubber product parts, the pre-processing process for the preparation of compound rubber is the same as that of other products. The molding and vulcanization of its products are carried out in the mold, and the production methods include molding method, die casting method and injection method.

The molding method is a method in which the rubber compound or preformed semi-finished product is directly loaded into the cavity of the mold, and then pressed and vulcanized to obtain the product parts.

The die-casting method is a method of adding the rubber material into the feeding chamber, pressing the rubber material in the feeding chamber into the mold cavity through the pressure column, and vulcanizing the product to obtain the product. The injection method is a method in which the rubber material is directly injected into the mold cavity through a rubber injection machine and vulcanized to obtain a product.

The equipment used in the production of molded rubber products includes flat vulcanizers, injection presses and various molds. The size of the products ranges from less than 1 gram to several hundred kilograms.

The quality of rubber molded products includes overall dimensions, surface finish, physical and mechanical properties, elasticity and other properties required for special requirements.


Ⅲ. Post-processing of molded rubber products: trimming of flash

The so-called flash is that in the process of molding and vulcanization, the excess rubber material flows between the various parting surfaces of the mold and is connected to the surface of the product part. Flash is also called waste edge burr. In the production process of molded rubber products, the trimming of flash is a very important work to ensure the use function, dimensional accuracy and appearance quality of the product parts.

The repair of flash can be divided into two parts: Manual operation and mechanical operation. Manual operation is the main production method for small and medium-sized enterprises or non-professional production manufacturers. However, in Zhongde (Beijing) Machinery Equipment., Ltd., which is large-scale and highly specialized and productive, the mechanical flash trimming rule occupies an important position.

Not only that, Zhongde also has rubber injection machines for mass production and large vulcanizers for large rubber products, with all the advanced machines that can produce various compression molding parts. The types of parts that can be produced include OEM rubber parts, pure rubber parts, rubber bonded metal parts, rubber bonded plastic parts and fabric reinforced rubber parts. Welcome to consult if necessary.

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