Injection Mold Tooling Processing Notes and Manual Polishing Process

Injection Mold Tooling Processing Notes and Manual Polishing Process

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Ⅰ. Injection mold tooling processing notes


1. Precautions for die core threading holes

(1) Try to drill straight holes on threading hole processing of injection mold tooling inserts and inclined tops to facilitate processing.

(2) The diameter of the threading hole should be larger than Φ4, and the size of the threading hole is determined according to the size and height of the mold material.

(3) If the straight hole threading hole cannot be punched for the slope because the inclined roof groove is relatively large, and the slope is more than 10 degrees, the oblique threading hole with the same angle as the inclined roof should be punched, and the threading hole above Φ6 should be punched as much as possible.

(4) The distance between the threading hole and the glue position should be more than 1MM.


2. Precautions for processing inclined top screw holes in injection mold tooling

Where there is a sloping top seat, screw holes are made at the bottom to facilitate disassembly and assembly.


3. Injection mold tooling processing push block screws and positioning problems

(1) If the sealing position of the push block is less than 10MM, you can straighten your body to avoid the air.

(2) When pushing two rods, do positioning at the bottom of the push block, and do not need to do positioning on the ejector plate.

(3) When pushing 1 rod, position the bottom of the push block and the ejector plate.


4. Precautions for screw holes in the processing of injection mold tooling

(1) Process screw holes should be made at the bottom and back of the general row to facilitate CNC clamping and processing. The size of the screw holes should be M8 or larger than that.

(2) The number of screw holes and the size of the screw holes are determined according to the size of the row.


Ⅱ. Manual polishing process of precision injection mold tooling

Mold surface polishing is an indispensable processing step in injection mold tooling processing. Polishing the surface of the injection mold tooling cavity can not only allow the plastic parts to be demolded smoothly, but also achieve the effect of making the surface of the plastic parts shiny. So how to polish the injection mold tooling?

In order to obtain a better polishing effect of the mold, in addition to preparing high-quality whetstone, sandpaper and diamond grinding paste, the injection mold tooling cavity is generally polished in strict accordance with the following procedures.


1. Rough throw

This process is mainly to grind the injection mold tooling cavity with a relatively coarse oil stone. The purpose of rough grinding is to remove the fire pattern left on the mold surface during machining or EDM. Generally, the polishing order of the oil stone is #200, #320, #400, #600, #800, #1000. The larger the particle size of the whetstone, the better the polishing effect.


2. Semi-fine polishing

This process mainly uses sandpaper to polish the injection mold tooling cavity. This is to remove the traces left on the surface of the mold cavity during rough polishing. The sandpaper is used in the same order as the whetstone-first thick and then fine.


3. Fine polishing

The process of fine polishing mainly uses diamond grinding paste. If the polishing cloth wheel is used to mix diamond grinding powder or grinding paste for grinding, the usual grinding order is #1800, #3000, #8000.

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