How Much Do You Know About Precision Molding of Plastic Parts

How Much Do You Know About Precision Molding of Plastic Parts?

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1. Typical precision molding of plastic parts:

1) The high processing precision of the plastic parts itself;

2) Typical micro parts usually have high precision requirements, both micro-injection and micro-extrusion;

3) Molding of microstructure of larger size products, typical microstructure molding;

4) Large-size products have high requirements on machining accuracy and installation accuracy;

5) The relative high precision of large parts is usually judged by a few thousandths;

6) The matching accuracy between the parts with matching requirements;

7) High requirements for surface quality of plastic parts;

8) Deformation-related precision factors are manifested in the control of shape and position tolerances.


2. Typical influencing factors of precision molding process:

1) The performance stability of the material;

2) The high precision of the machine itself;

3) Selection and control of processing technology: in addition to reasonable process selection, there are pressure control accuracy, temperature control accuracy, injection position accuracy, etc.;

4) High-precision control during processing, such as weight control, thickness control, pipe diameter control, etc.;

5) Environmental impact;

6) The influence of artificial factors.


3. The benefits of precision molding

1) High-precision production can reduce material waste and additional energy loss, and reduce production costs; especially, it can be controlled within a lower tolerance range to maintain stable production;

2) Contribution of high precision to product quality: high precision helps to maintain the consistency of product quality and better assembly performance with matching products;

3) Contribution of high precision to the maintenance of equipment performance: precision machining usually means excellent process stability during processing, which is more conducive to the maintenance of equipment performance;

4) Contribution to the on-site environment: reduce the workload of waste or subsequent processing and sorting;

5) Contribution to workers: reduce follow-up workload;

6) Contribution to the industry: conducive to the promotion of industry brand and influence.


4. Some effective ways to achieve precision molding

1) High dimensional stability material;

2) Special precision machining technology and process;

3) Low stress structural design;

4) Application of new mold technology;

5) Profiling cooling technology, profiling cooling can not only improve the surface quality, prevent weld marks, but also help to ensure product accuracy and prevent internal stress;

6) Assisted molding technology, gas-assisted and liquid-assisted molding technology;

7) Control technology compensation, especially in the field of some high-performance and high-precision product molding.

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