The Development of Hot Compression Molding and Its Technology Equipment

The Development of Hot Compression Molding and Its Technology Equipment

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  1. Various new materials and process technologies for hot compression molding (such as: WCM, LFI, PHC, DFCM, RPM, TPF, etc.) continue to emerge, expanding and enriching the hot pressing process and expanding the hot pressing composite material molding products scope of application.


  1. The preparation process of hot compression moulding raw materials shows a clear trend of diversity development, which not only brings about the development and change of hot-pressing molding technology, but also promotes the innovation and reform of hot-pressing molding equipment system.


  1. The application of rapid curing molding material and its hot compression molding technology is more and more extensive, which shortens the original molding process cycle from 10min–2h to 1-5min, which greatly improves the production efficiency.


  1. The method of impregnation and mixing of hot-pressed fiber reinforcement is gradually changed from pre-mixing and pre-impregnation to on-site mixing and impregnation. Such as: WCM, DFCM and other processes use low-viscosity resin for mixed glue injection, spraying or coating, and on-site dipping and hot compression molding, eliminating the need for complex pre-preg, pre-curing, storage and other processes. Such a technology greatly improves the production efficiency of hot pressing and reduces the production cost of the hot pressing process.


  1. Various online hot pressing forming technologies are gradually increasing, such as: D-SMC, LFT-D, etc. These technologies eliminate the curing, storage and other processes in the original process link, simplify the process flow, shorten the manufacturing cycle, and reduce the manufacturing cost.


  1. The application range of various carbon fiber hot pressing products formed by hot pressing has been greatly expanded, especially in the field of lightweight technology of aircraft and vehicles, the application technology of carbon fiber composite products is very outstanding.


  1. Products of the hot compression molding are gradually developed from pure chopped fiber reinforcement to continuous fiber and its fabric customization. The application of custom lay-up technology can not only better optimize the product structure, improve the performance per unit mass, but also effectively reduce the structural weight of the product and reduce the manufacturing cost.


  1. Thermoplastic prepreg preparation technology and its hot-pressing molding technology are becoming more and more mature, and are gradually developing from laboratory or small-scale production to large-scale application, and there is a trend to replace the thermosetting hot-pressing molding process.


  1. Compounding of various process technologies: The combination of hot-press molding process technology and other technologies, such as: automatic laying technology, extrusion molding technology, injection molding technology, etc., realizes the diversified manufacturing of complex components.


Hot compression molding is a method of molding plastic or rubber products in a closed cavity by applying heat and pressure, and it is a good choice for manufacturing large and small batches. The hot compression molding services offered by Zhongde are competitively priced and can guarantee efficient production, accurate products and smooth surfaces. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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