Focus on the Structure Drawing of Automotive Mould and Oem Development Department

Focus on the Structure Drawing of Automotive Mould and Oem Development Department

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1. The structure drawing design of automotive mold and countersignature

The countersign sequence of automotive mold structure drawing: Drawing mold drawing countersign – shaping and flanging mold countersign – trimming and punching mold countersign.

Since the casting and processing cycle of automotive molds is a hard time and cannot be compressed, in order to ensure the progress of the project, the design of automotive mold structure drawing is very important. The time of automotive mold design should be advanced as much as possible to gain time for subsequent manufacturing of automotive mold.

The first sampling of automotive molds is generally semi-manual samples, and only forming is required, and the remaining trimming and punching can be completed by wire cutting. Therefore the drawing die and shaping and flanging molds should be designed first, and then the design of trimming and punching mold drawing.

The mold factory guides the design of the mold structure drawing according to the DL drawing. After the design is completed, first it also passes the internal review. After the problem is rectified, it can be sent to the development department of the OEM for review and countersign.


2. The focus of the development department of the automotive mold OEM

Focus may include the functionality, structural stability and strength, production safety, conformity of parameters with mass production presses, conveniences of debugging and production, materials of main components and consistency of terms of technical agreement requirements of the automotive mold.

For the problems found in the review, the mold factory should be required to make rectification as far as possible. Some problems may have little impact on product functions, but they may affect the convenience of operations and may also reduce production efficiency. In order to speed up progress, the mold factory may not be willing to make the changes.

At this time, the courage and determination of the developers (engineers) of the OEM are required, because the changes in the design stage are faster than the later changes (after the mold is formed). At this time, the mold factory designers need to think about the problem from the perspective of the production department.

Some controversial issues require objective discussions among multiple parties to find the best solution. In the process of mold drawing review, engineering development and technical personnel are required to stand firm and have excellent technical and on-site debugging experience, which can reduce many problems in the later stage.

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