Factors Affecting the Price of Automotive Molds Processing

Factors Affecting the Price of Automotive Molds Processing

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Due to the various advantages of injection molds, many manufacturers also like to use them, but different types of products use different molds, so each product needs to be specially opened, so what is the processing price of automotive molds ? What factors will it be affected by? Follow us to find out together.


1. The product type of automotive mold

The product type has a great influence on the price of automotive mold processing. For some molds used to make edible products, the material requirements of the plastic used are very high, so the price will not be low when the mold is opened.

However, if it is a mold for producing other products, the price will be slightly lower, because the requirements on the use of materials are not so high, so the material cost will be relatively lower and the price will be lower.


2. The product specifications of automotive molds

The size of the product specification directly affects the size of the mold. When your product specification is larger, the larger the car mold will be, which means that the manufacturer needs to use more materials, so the price will of course follow. This is also a very intuitive influencing factor, which is inevitable in the opening of automotive molds.


3. Technology used by automotive mold companies

The quality of the technology used by the auto mold company also has a certain impact on the price of the mold. The more advanced the technology used, the better the quality of the auto mold produced and the higher the production efficiency. Some, so the price will be slightly higher, but the overall cost performance is very good.


4. The degree of detail of automotive molds

The more details the customer requires of the mold, the higher the price, because the more details, the longer the work time for the design department, and the more debugging the technical department needs to carry out, but in this way The produced molds will be more in line with everyone’s requirements. For some companies that strive for excellence, the impact of this part of the cost increase is not particularly large, and the price fluctuations of manufacturers are also relatively reasonable, so you don’t need to worry about manufacturers Fake quotes.

There are still many factors that affect the price of automotive mold processing. Zhongde has many years of experience in mold production, and the quotation is very reasonable. If you want production efficiency and good cost performance, you can go to find out.

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