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Details of the compression molding process

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In the silicone rubber industry, the molding technology of solid silicone products is gradually mature. Many manufacturers have an understanding of various processes, such as the common compression molding process, extrusion molding process, liquid injection molding process, etc. Various processes can make different specifications Products of various shapes and sizes can meet market demand, and different processes will also have different problems. At present, the most common process is the high-temperature compression molding process. 

Today we will talk about the details for rubber injection molding companies that need to pay attention in the production process of the compression molding process.

Friends who understand the silicone rubber industry should know that the silicone rubber products produced by the compression molding process are widely used in industry, life, or construction and medical industries, so there are many tips and details in the product manufacturing process. Attention. In the compression molding process, prevent product defects and control the cost of raw materials. The following points need to be paid attention to temperature, mold, time, placement, weight, etc., which can determine whether to make a qualified product.

The details of the compression molding process need to pay attention to:

  1. It is necessary to reach a preset temperature range higher than the temperature before starting to place the rubber. When ejecting the mold, try to avoid using air guns and air openings to aim at the core to avoid lowering the core temperature and causing defects.

  2. The time control cannot be too short or too long. Too short a time will cause the product to be unfamiliar and unable to vulcanize, and too long will cause the product to be too brittle or even deformed.
  3. Placing the rubber is also an important step. For some molds, if the rubber is not placed in place, the product will be short of materials. The product with too many mold cavities will keep up with the speed when placing it. Just in case it has been cooked without molding.

  4. The weight of the material leads to the size of the burrs. Too heavy causes the burrs to be difficult to cut, and too light causes the product to be short of materials, so use appropriate weight and mold maintenance. If the burrs are sticky, you can spray with mold release water to help mold release. It is also relatively easy to do.

If there are no problems with a few items but there is still wind phenomenon, then you have to find the problem on the mold. It is recommended to try it after sandblasting. Therefore, a silicone product manufacturer makes a qualified product not only by relying on qualified mechanical equipment, but also by professional and rich operating skills in order to achieve excellent products.

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