Debugging and Acceptance of Automobile Mold in Mass Production Area

Debugging and Acceptance of Automobile Mold in Mass Production Area

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Due to the difference of the machine tool and the difference of the mold surface lapping-in rate of the auto mold, the quality of the parts must be guaranteed. The auto mold is pre-accepted and needs to be debugged after being moved to the mass production site. Generally, the first round of lapping-in time for drawing mold is 1 to 2 months, and the debugging cycle of the entire auto mold is as long as half a year or more.


Ⅰ. Debugging process of auto mold in mass production area

1. The stamping parts need to be clamped on the welding fixture to verify the coordination of the mold, clamp, inspection tool, inspection tool and welding fixture;

2. To ensure the accuracy of the stamping parts, put the stamping parts on the inspection tool for inspection, and the pass rate is generally above 90%;

3. The problems or defects found in the inspection of auto molds and stamping parts or feedback problems or defects in the process of welding and debugging shall be rectified by the mold factory;

4. Compliance check of the dynamic and static inspection items of auto molds;

5. The reliability of continuous production of auto molds on mass production presses, that is, the continuous production reject rate is required to be less than 2%.


Ⅱ. Debugging and acceptance of auto molds

Debugging and rectification cycle for auto mold is long. After rectification of the above items is completed and production is running stably for 3 months, the engineering development department can organize mold users, security personnel, quality inspectors, etc. to carry out the final acceptance of auto molds and sign the final acceptance report.

After the final acceptance of the auto mold, the development of the auto mold is considered to be completed in stages. However, as long as the auto mold is not scrapped and the life cycle of the auto mold continues, the work of the engineering development department will never end, but it will be handed over to the production system and process department for use, management, and maintenance.

With good use and maintenance, we can prolong the service life, reduce the rejection rate, and improve the production efficiency for auto molds, which will bring considerable economic benefits to the mold company.

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