Analysis of Manufacturing Process of Auto Mold Body Parts

Analysis of Manufacturing Process of Auto Mold Body Parts

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The development progress of automotive molds plays a very critical role in the progress of the entire project, and is an important part of the production preparation of the OEM. Let’s talk about the development process of automotive molds and the key points of management and control at each stage from the release of body data to the final acceptance of automotive molding.


Rlease of the digital model of technology of OEM auto parts and accessories

The design department for automotive mold body releases the digital model of products, the engineering staff of the engineering development department conducts the pre-analysis and pre-quotation of technology (as bid comparison data) according to the digital model of products, and uses the digital model of technology of auto mold body to conduct the bidding of the automotive mold and the corresponding technology analysis. The bidding process will not be discussed in detail here. The following will discuss the development and management of automotive molds after bidding (that is, determining the mold factory).


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Technology feasibility analysis of the manufacturing process of automotive mold body parts (mold manufacturer and engineering development department)

After the mold tool manufacturers receive the digital model of technology of automotive molded rubber parts, the technology feasibility analysis of each part is carried out. In principle, mold manufacturers are required to perform CAE analysis (i.e, simulation analysis of part formability) on all newly developed parts.

The role of CAE analysis:

1. Through CAE analysis, we can more intuitively observe the forming process of parts and sheets;

2. Shorten the cycle of design and analysis of automotive mold;

3. Predict the possibility of automotive mold;

4. Optimized design is adopted to minimize the consumption of automotive molds and steel, and reduce manufacturing and production costs;

5. Discover the potential risks of automotive molds and parts before manufacturing;

6. Ensure the rationality of the design of automotive molds and reduce design costs;

7. Through the analysis of the potential problems of the parts, the mold manufacturers can promptly put forward reasonable suggestions for design change, and promote the development work more efficiently.

The development department can make full use of the experience of on-site production and debugging according to the analysis results of the CAE analysis on custom plastic parts by the mold manufacturers to check whether the technology parameters are reasonable, whether the drawing supplement is reasonable, and timely propose solutions for the risks of wrinkling or cracking of the parts.


The design and countersignature of the DL diagram of the automotive mold

After the CAE analysis, the DL diagram design of the automotive mould can be carried out, and in most cases, it can be carried out at the same time.

The DL diagram design is also called the design layout – the analysis and design of stamping process, which can also be called the process flow diagram of automotive mold, including: the size of the part blank, the direction and angle of the stamping, the arrangement of the stamping process, the feeding direction, the distribution of scrap cutters, the direction of the cutting edge, the direction of the waste removal, the CH hole, the identification of the left and right parts, the mark of each process, etc.

At the same time, the DL diagram also needs to reflect the stamping equipment of the relevant process, the height of the automotive mold, the material of the automotive mold, the operating stroke of the blank holder or the pressure plate, the positioning method of the sheet, and the pressure analysis of the completed process.

After the DL diagram design is completed, in principle, the internal audit should be completed in the mold manufacturers. After the internal audit problem is rectified, it can be provided to the development department of the OEM(see more details in OEM auto parts) and countersigned. The countersignature of the DL diagram is very important, which directly leads to the design of the later automotive molds. It also has a greater impact on the later development cycle of automotive molds. If the DL diagram is changed later, it will cause a lot of waste in the development cycle and cost. The engineering development department mainly reviews the rationality of the part technology, the correctness of the machine parameters, the rationality of technology supplementation, material utilization rate, and review of the convenience of feeding in combination with the press situation.

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