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28 Jun 2022 Views: 45

Factors Affecting the Price of Automotive Molds Processing

Due to the various advantages of injection molds, many manufacturers also like to use them, but different types of products use different molds, so each product needs to be specially opened, so what i...

Zhongde (Beijing) Machinery Equipment., Ltd.

21 Jun 2022 Views: 47

Do You Know What the Manufacturing Process of Automotive Molds Is?

The auto mold making is a very interesting thing, because almost everything we come into contact with in our daily life will have a car mold made before it is officially produced, and car mold making ...

Zhongde (Beijing) Machinery Equipment., Ltd.

14 Jun 2022 Views: 39

Several Matters Needing Attention in the Manufacture of Large Automotive Molds

Among the products of automotive molds, large automotive molds can be regarded as a kind of relatively important products, because of their high value and relatively large volume, and the difficulty o...

Zhongde (Beijing) Machinery Equipment., Ltd.

07 Jun 2022 Views: 63

Injection Moulding is the Ideal Method of Processing

injection moulding is the ideal method of processing. Why? We compared injection molding with several other molding methods, let's take a look.Ⅰ. Comparison of precision plastic injection and ext...

Zhongde (Beijing) Machinery Equipment., Ltd.

20 May 2022 Views: 87

Analysis of Key Points of Injection Plastic Mold Manufacturing

1. High corrosion resistance for plastic mold manufacturingMany plastic materials and additives on the market have a corrosive effect on the steel material, which will cause the steel material to diss...

Zhongde (Beijing) Machinery Equipment., Ltd.

13 May 2022 Views: 79

What Are the Basic Characteristics of Injection Mould Tool Manufacture?

1. The processing accuracy of injection mould tool manufacture is high, injection mold toolings are generally assembled from multiple parts, and the assembly of injection mold tooling parts requires h...

Zhongde (Beijing) Machinery Equipment., Ltd.

06 May 2022 Views: 71

Injection Mold Tooling Processing Notes and Manual Polishing Process

Ⅰ. Injection mold tooling processing notes1. Precautions for die core threading holes(1) Try to drill straight holes on threading hole processing of injection mold tooling inserts and inclined tops t...

Zhongde (Beijing) Machinery Equipment., Ltd.

28 Apr 2022 Views: 69

Tips for Injection Mold Tooling Processing

After years of experience in custom injection mold tooling service, we have summed up some mold processing tips, I hope it will be useful to everyone!1. Allowance must be reserved when processing inje...

Zhongde (Beijing) Machinery Equipment., Ltd.

21 Apr 2022 Views: 75

The Influence of Injection Mold Design on Product Quality Control

Injection mold design is the basis of mold manufacturing, and a good mold design determines the quality of injection molds. The quality of the injection mold directly affects the final quality of the ...