medical equipment

Medical Equipment Custom Molding

On-demand Manufacturing of Medical Plastic & Silicon Parts Molding Zhongde one of the top medical molding companies, the source of assistance in the design and development of non-implantable moulding medical such as, rubber medical handles and devices. Zhongde has extensive experience in working with medical plastic injection molding and medical silicone molding, particularly in bonding […]

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mining machinery

Mine Metallurgy Custom Molding

On-demand Manufacturing of Mine Metallurgy Molding Much mechanical equipment in the mining and metallurgical industry, such as mine crushers, scraper conveyors, coal crushers, etc., will be applied to a large number of rubber products, plastic products, and metal products. Zhongde could provide mine metallurgy parts in all ranges of plastic, rubber, and metal offers a

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Marine Custom Molding

On-demand Manufacturing of Marine Mouldings Marine mouldings applications require unique knowledge of the aggressive environment. The engineers at Zhongde have spent many years on the water, involved with commercial fishing, ocean and lake freighters, pleasure cruising, sailing, and rowing. We understand the demands of marine molding and use our experiences to assist you in solving

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agricultural machinery

Agricultural Machinery Custom Molding

On-demand Manufacturing of Agricultural Machinery Accessories Most agricultural machinery operates in the open, dusty, humid and dirty environment or in contact with water, soil, fertilizers, pesticides, feces, decaying plants which are subject to corrosion by these materials and the environment. During operation, some agricultural machinery accessories rubbed against soil, crop rhizomes, livestock fur and other

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consumer electronics

Consumer Electronics Custom Molding

On-demand Manufacturing of Consumer Electronics Parts The consumer electronics parts industry is developing rapidly. The computers, laptops, calculators, telephones, remote controls, etc. that are common in our lives are constantly updated, and the design and development of new models are inseparable from the demand for custom-made electronics. Zhongde focuses on China CNC machining parts and can

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chemical equipement

Chemical Equipment Custom Molding

On-demand Manufacturing of Chemical Equipment Parts Molding Chemical equipment parts have high requirements for materials. Most of the materials in rubber and plastics are widely used in chemical equipment parts due to their excellent chemical properties such as acid and alkali resistance. Zhongde as the advanced plastic mould part manufacturer can provide chemical equipment parts in all

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transmission device

Transmission Device Custom Molding

On-demand Manufacturing of Transmission System Molding Transmission system mainly refers to logistics transmission system, including production line transmission, logistics transmission, fully automatic transmission, etc. The rapid development of transmission systems requires a large number of customized accessories. Due to the excellent properties of rubber and plastic materials, they are widely used in the transmission industry.

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Communication Custom Molding

On-demand Manufacturing of Communication Components From developing specialized molded rubber solutions for Smart Grid technology to sealing GPS units and underground conduit ducts, Zhongde is developing and manufacturing products counted on by the communications industry. Such as fiber optic cable conduit joints, rubber vibration control by rubber injection molding supports for fiber optic cables, etc.

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home appliances

Home Appliances Custom Moulding

On-demand Manufacturing of Home Appliance Mould Zhongde manufactures home appliance mould parts for a variety of international appliance makers and suppliers, including assisting with the design and material formulation. These home appliance moulds are used in small appliances, white goods, and large appliances and applications as diverse as vibration control, sealing holes in sheet metal,

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Automotive Custom Moulding

On-demand Manufacturing of Automotive Molded Parts The automotive industry is evolving fast, constantly designing and developing new models, always in need of/needing customized auto molding parts. These automotive molding parts can be as small as screws to fix body panels or as large as body panels. As an automotive injection molding company, Zhongde could provide

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