Parts & Molds Design

Parts & Molds Design

Generally speaking, for some customers who do not have their own drawings, they need a third-party company to help them provide drawing design services before they can proceed with the subsequent mold making and mass production of accessories. In this regard, we can provide related services as follows:

Drawing Design

The customer needs to describe the specific requirements for the accessories, including material, size, purpose, etc. We will have a dedicated designer to design a 3D drawing, and let the customer confirm it and finalize it.


3D Printing

Use 3D printing equipment to show the molding effect of the drawing design. If it meets the requirements, start the next step. If there is a problem, you can adjust it at any time. The advantage of 3D printing is that it can quickly print out the prototype of the accessories we want, and it is helpful for engineers to analyze the prototype in time and determine whether it can make a mold.


Mold Making

This process is generally after the accessory prototype is printed out, all indicators meet the customer’s requirements, and after confirmation is correct, we can start mass production.


Using the above methods, the entire mold development process can be simplified, thereby shortening the delivery time and controlling costs. If you have any questions about our mold design, please email us



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