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The Influence of Injection Mold Design on Product Quality Control

The Influence of Injection Mold Design on Product Quality Control

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Injection mold design is the basis of mold manufacturing, and a good mold design determines the quality of injection molds. The quality of the injection mold directly affects the final quality of the plastic product. So how should we carry out quality control at the beginning of injection mold design?


1. First of all, when injection mold design is started, we should fully understand the technical requirements such as the structure, material, hardness, and precision of the injection mold, including whether the shrinkage rate of the selected plastic raw material is correct, whether the 3D size of the product is complete, and whether the mold can be opened, etc. .


2. The injection mold design should fully consider the shrinkage of the injection product, the traces of the material flow, the draft angle, the welding line and other places that affect the appearance.


3. The injection mold design should make the processing method of the mold as simple as possible without affecting the function and shape of the injection molded product.


4. Whether the selection of the parting surface of the injection mold design is appropriate, a reasonable choice must be made in terms of mold processing, molding appearance and deburring of molded parts.


5. Whether the ejection method of the injection mold design is appropriate, whether the push rod, the discharge plate or other methods are used, and whether the position of the push rod and the discharge plate is appropriate.


6. Whether the lateral core-pulling mechanism of the injection mold design is appropriate, and whether the action is flexible and reliable, it should be ensured that there is no sticking phenomenon.


7. What method of temperature control is used in the design of injection mold design, what kind of structural circulation system is used for oil, water, coolant, and whether the size, number, and location of coolant holes are appropriate.


8. Whether the gate form of the injection mold design, the size of the feed channel and the feed port, and the gate location and size are appropriate.


9. Whether the influence of heat treatment deformation of each module and core of injection mold design is clearly considered and whether the selection of standard parts is appropriate.


10. Whether the injection volume, injection pressure and clamping force of the injection molding machine designed for the injection mold are sufficient, and whether the size of the gate sleeve matches.

The above-mentioned aspects of injection mold design should be prepared for comprehensive analysis, and should be strictly controlled from the initial stage of product parts. If you need more knowledge, you can follow us. As one of the best injection molding manufacturers in China, our company, Zhongde (Beijing) Machinery Equipment.,Ltd, provides high-quality, low-cost plastic and rubber injection molding parts to global customers. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.