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Which additives can be added to plastics and improve performance?

Nov 04-2020     Views: 620

Additives can improve and enhance the performance of plastics, and adding additives can also reduce the cost of plastic parts. 

1. Fiber can improve the mechanical strength of plastics;

2. Asbestos can enhance the heat resistance of plastics;

3. Mica can enhance the electrical insulation properties of custom plastic parts;

4. Graphite and molybdenum disulfide can improve the abrasion and abrasion resistance of plastics. Adding fillers can also reduce plastic costs.

5. Plasticizers can improve the plasticity and flexibility of plastics and reduce brittleness.

6. Hardener is also called a curing agent or curing agent. Its main function is to cross-link the linear molecular structure of the polymer into a bulk molecular structure so that the resin has thermosetting properties.

7. Colorants can make plastics have bright colors and luster. Colorants often use various pigments and dyes, and sometimes pigments that can produce fluorescence or phosphorescence are also used.

8. Many plastics undergo premature degradation, oxidative chain scission, and cross-linking due to heat, light or oxygen in the custom plastic injection moulding process and use of products, which deteriorate the material properties. In order to stabilize the quality of plastic products and prolong the service life, stabilizers are usually added to their components.

9. During plastic processing, lubricants are often needed in order to demould and make products smooth.

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