What is the Reason for the Extremely Difficult Processing of Injection Molds

What is the Reason for the Extremely Difficult Processing of Injection Molds?

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Injection mold tooling processing is a very delicate job, and every step determines the final quality of injection molds and injection molded products. So for injection mold processing, it is not a very easy thing. So what are the specific reasons for the difficulty in processing injection molds? Let’s take a look together.


1. The processing shape of the injection mold cavity and core is complex

It is more difficult to process complex shapes such as injection mold cavity and core, especially the blind hole of injection mold cavity or cavity forming surface processing. If the traditional injection mold processing method is used, it not only requires workers to process technology The level is high, the fixtures are many, the tools are many, and the processing cycle is long.


2. High precision, surface requirements and service life requirements for injection molds

Because special products have very strict requirements on the processing accuracy, surface requirements and service life of injection molds. This greatly increases the difficulty of processing and manufacturing injection molds and the mold manufacturing cycle.


3. The injection mold processing process is long and the processing time is tight

Due to the high requirements for the shape and dimensional accuracy of plastic products, and the characteristics of plastic materials are different, after the injection mold is manufactured, it is necessary to repeatedly test the mold and repair the mold, which makes the development and delivery time very long. nervous.


4. Design and manufacture of injection molds in different places

In general, injection mold manufacturers design and manufacture injection molds according to user requirements, but injection molding products are produced in other injection molding factories. This will lead to the occurrence of the design of plastic products, the design and manufacture of injection molds and the production of products in different places.

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