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What is the difference between nylon 6 and nylon 66?

Oct 12-2020     Views: 593

Nylon 66 is composed of two 6 carbon atoms, and nylon 6 is composed of 6 carbon atoms. Because of their different structures, the performance of the two also has its own characteristics.

Nylon 66

1.Have the best flexibility;

2. Dense feel, strong lodging resistance;

3. High melting point (264℃);

Nylon 6

1.Easy to dye;

2. Soft touch

3. Strong wear resistance

4. Low melting point (228℃)

What are all the design guidelines required to develop a plastic part?

The following is a description of the key points of the plastic product structure design.

Which additives can be added to plastics and improve performance?

Additives can improve and enhance the performance of plastics, and adding additives can also reduce the cost of plastic parts.

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