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What Are the Basic Characteristics of Injection Mould Tool Manufacture

What Are the Basic Characteristics of Injection Mold Tool Manufacture?

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1. The processing accuracy of injection mold tool manufacture is high, injection mold toolings are generally assembled from multiple parts, and the assembly of injection mold tooling parts requires high machining accuracy. Among them, the dimensional accuracy requirements of precision injection mold toolings even reach the μm level.


2. The shape of injection mold tool manufacture is relatively complex, some products, such as automobile panels, aircraft parts, toys, and household appliances, are composed of many curved surfaces.


3. Not every injection mold tooling needs mass production Injection mold manufacturing because of the difference in the demand for plastic parts. Therefore, small batches only need to open a set of test molds to meet the needs.


4. There are many manufacturing procedures for injection mold tool manufacture, complicated processing procedures such as milling, drilling, reaming and tapping are required in the processing of injection mold tooling.


5. The injection mold tool manufacture is put into production repeatedly. When a pair of injection mold tooling reaches the service life, it will be scrapped. A new injection mold needs to be replaced to meet production needs. Therefore, injection molds are often repeatedly put into production.


6. The injection mold tool manufacture is processed according to the sample, in the injection mold tool manufacture, sometimes there is no product drawing, but it needs to be copied according to the real object. This requires high imitation precision and no deformation.


7. The materials of injection mold tool manufacture are excellent, and the main processing materials of injection mold toolings with high hardness are generally made of high-quality alloy steel for processing, especially for injection mold toolings with good service life requirements, which are often made of ledeburite steel such as Crl2 and CrWMn. This type of steel has strict requirements from blank forging, processing to heat treatment.

According to the above-mentioned characteristics of injection mould tool manufacture processing, special attention should be paid when selecting injection mold tooling processing machines. Need to meet mold manufacturing needs. For example, the function of the CNC machining system should be very powerful, the precision of the machine tool processing equipment should be high, the rigidity should be better, and the thermal stability of the heat treatment processing equipment should be better. As one of the best injection molding manufacturers in China, our company provides high-quality, low-cost plastic and rubber injection molding parts to global customers.

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