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The Factors That Affect the Precision of Injection Molding Parts

Jul 08-2021     Views: 454

As an important tool for the production of injection molded parts, injection molding mold has many factors that affect the accuracy and quality of injection molded parts. The following is a summary of an important impact of factors of precision injection mold toolings have on the accuracy of injection molded parts.

1. Precision of injection mold tooling

The accuracy of the injection molding mold mainly depends on the accuracy of the mold cavity size, the accuracy of the cavity position, or whether the accuracy of the parting surface meets the design requirements. The dimensional tolerance of ordinary precision injection mold tooling should be controlled within 1/3 of the product dimensional tolerance.

2. Machinability and rigidity of precision injection mold tooling

In the design of the injection mold structure, the number of cavities should not be too large, and the bottom plate, support plate, and cavity walls should be as thick as possible to avoid elastic deformation of the product under high temperature and high pressure.

3. The mold release of the injection mold tooling

Precision injection mold tooling should use as few cavities as possible with short runners, and high finish, which is beneficial to demolding.

4. Processing materials selected for precision injection mold tooling

Choose steel with high mechanical strength. The materials used to make the cavity and runner must undergo rigorous heat treatment. Materials with high hardness, good wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance should be selected.

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