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What is CR?

“CR” stands for Chloroprene Rubber, which is a synthetic rubber material often referred to by its trade name “Neoprene.” Neoprene is known for its unique combination of properties, making it suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries, including automotive, marine, sports and leisure, construction, industrial, and more.

CR Information

Process: Injection Molding, Compression Molding

Colors: Custom Colors

Tolerance: ±0.5mm

Price: Cost-effective

Application: wetsuits, protective clothing, gaskets, seals, hoses, footwear, sports equipment, industrial components, and more.

Recommended Wall Thickness: 1mm-10mm or even thicker

CR Properties

CR exhibits good resistance to ozone, oxygen, sunlight, alkalis and acids. Neoprene has good flame retardant properties. It provides good tensile strength, elasticity and moderate oil and gasoline resistance. The table show the common NR properties below. 

Density (g/cm³)1.2-1.5
Hardness (Shore A)40 – 90
Tensile Strength (MPa)Good
Elongation at Break (%)Good
Tear Strength (N/mm)Good
Abrasion ResistanceGood
Temperature Range (°C)-40 to 120
Electrical InsulationFair
Chemical ResistanceGood
Solvent ResistanceLimited
Oil ResistanceGood
Adhesion to MetalsGood
Compression SetGood
UV and Weather ResistanceGood

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